Why Compare Medical Aid Quotes?

Why Compare Medical Aid Quotes?

  1. Medical aid quotes don’t all offer the same benefits and cover levels
  2. You need to take a look at day-to-day limits on medical expenses
  3. You need to know how many plans the medical aid offers – 1, 2 or 6
  4. Most importantly, are these plans affordable?
  5. You want to avoid medical aid quotes where unnecessary frills are included

If you can, do have a Medical Aid

It can be comforting having a medical aid. However, before you invest in one, make sure you know what you’re buying. You want to make sure you get a quote that suits your circumstances. When you’re looking for medical aid quotes, you’ll want information on the extent of hospital cover that exists in South Africa, what day-to-day benefits exist, what you can expect with chronic medication and what premium you can afford to pay. In a nutshell, that answers the question: Why compare medical aid quotes!

There’s plenty of choice

South African has many excellent medical schemes which offer full comprehensive options or just a basic hospital plan with cover only for in hospital procedures.  Certainly, once you’re covered by a medical scheme, make sure to evaluate your situation regularly. That is so you can adapt to your changing needs.

Good websites speak volumes

If you’re going to compare medical aid quotes, start your research with those medical schemes that offer websites. It is a good way to start. The sites simply explain their medical aid plans. You need to do research so that you understand the details of a Why Compare Medical Aid Quotesmedical aid plan and how it compares to other available options.

Always make sure you’re getting quotes from a legitimate medical aid scheme. When you start looking at these quotes, you can’t just look at the premiums. You need to understand if there are any other fees you will have to pay, make sure you understand the policy’s annual out-of-pocket maximum, any deductibles, benefit limits and co-payments.

Let’s take a look at some essential points to consider when comparing medical aid quotes –

  • Look out for benefit limits as well as whether there are yearly- or lifetime maximum payouts. Drug benefits won’t necessarily always include every medication and some policies will exclude maternity coverage, or they won’t include the particular pre-existing condition you have.
  • Take note that some schemes limit you to a particular hospital group depending on the option you choose. The more limited your options, the less your monthly premium.
  • With medical aid quotes, remember that just because something doesn’t appear in the ‘excluded benefits’ section of your plan, it doesn’t mean that is going to be covered. This is because insurers don’t cover those treatments they consider as unnecessary. Prior to buying a policy, review the full plan explanation and ask questions if you have anything that doesn’t make sense.

Take a look at Selfmed

It is difficult to say precisely what is considered the ‘best’ medical aid quote.The first and foremost important aspect is to get a medical aid that matches your budget.

What’s the point of getting a wonderful comprehensive medical aid plan and you find you can’t keep up with the monthly premiums? To eliminate any doubt and wrong moves, the best advice is to first chat to a medical aid consultant. They know medical aids in and out and are skilled and experienced in advising people.

Why compare medical aid quotes from Selfmed

  • Selfmed is seriously affordable
  • They give you lots of options and are willing to explain them to you
  • They’re a no frills medical aid. They don’t waste your hard earned money by offering you discounts and deals on gym membership and movie tickets? How are these things going to help you when you’re sick. You want pure, unadulterated medical aid and that is precisely what Selfmed has for you.

Call Selfmed today on 0860 73 53 63 and find out why they have to be one of the first medical schemes you need to consider.

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