Membership of a Medical Aid with Immediate Effect

March 22, 2017

Not sure how to keep negative thoughts about healthcare in South Africa at bay? Getting medical aid or a good hospital plan in South Africa can create positive thoughts. And you can be on the road to a healthier, happier you with one of these. Read further for more on membership with immediate effect.

You have to Wait for Medical Aid and Hospital Plans to Kick in

People in the 21st century don’t believe in waiting for anything. The work ‘wait’ isn’t part of their vocabulary. The insurance industry isn’t an instantaneous industry. Whether it is medical aid you’re after or a hospital plan. There are specific waiting periods in place to protect you and other medical aid members.

These waiting periods mean you won’t have coverage by your medical aid or hospital plan during these waiting periods even though you are paying your premiums. You can search all you like, there will be waiting periods for every medical aid. There’ll be a 3 month general waiting period with most medical aids.

Ignorance isn’t Bliss in Medical Aid Circles – Membership With Immediate Effect

SA Hospital Plans is an excellent information resource for South Africans who get confused with the Membership With Immediate Effectdifferent financial products on offer. This isn’t good news, as signing up for the wrong product because you didn’t understand, can mean you not getting cover specifically for what you need.

SA Hospital Plans is an independent publication on all the different facets of hospital cover and you can get all your queries adequately answered by them. They aren’t a financial services provider. But their unbiased information guides allow South Africans to make the right decisions concerning their health.

Nothing is Immediate – with Good Reason

When you do research, you’ll find that there are no medical aids or hospital plans with immediate effect. Waiting periods are there to protect the medical aid from people who just sign up for their services when they find they are pregnant, ill or injured. This could mean some people only signing up for medical aid when they turn 60 or 70 to benefit from the funds that loyal members have been contributing to for years.

So for members who quickly sign up and then resign again once their medical issues are cleared up has prompted medical schemes to put these frustrating but necessary waiting periods in place. It means that the person who signs up for cover will at least contribute something before claiming.

These waiting periods are different. And for instance, you’ll get a general 3 month waiting period for new members on a medical aid. There’ll be a 12 month waiting period on medical aid for pre-existing conditions. There is usually a 12-month wait for pregnancy claims.

Most of these waiting periods fall away in the event of an accident.

Guided by a Reputable Source – Membership With Immediate Effect

SA Hospital Plans will be the first to warn you to be aware of those who tell you that you can get immediate cover for medical aid or hospital plans. These are just false promises from unethical brokers.

All info was correct at time of publishing