Discovery Plans from SA’s Biggest Medical Scheme

Total transformation of South Africa’s public health sector is required. Even though the ruling party, the ANC, has initiated a process of developing a National Health Plan, right now in South Africa you need medical aid.

The Public Health System operates below par and by being a member of a private medical aid, your chances of surviving illness or an accident are greatly increased. Discovery plans are designed to support your family’s health care where  treatment is individual and emphasis is placed on the correct diagnosis.

Medical aids in South Africa

Medical aids in South Africa are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998. The money or premiums that the members pay in each month are pooled. When claims are made, money is taken from this pool. Members are then insured against the possibility of not being able to pay for medical expenses out of their own pockets.

Discovery Medical Aid OptionsFor your convenience, with Discovery Plans, it is easy to fill in  an online medical aid quotes request form. This way you get a quote on the best medical plans from Discovery and you can choose the cover that offers everything you are looking for.

What Discovery Plans Offer

What Discovery plans offer is the best health care cover from a leading medical aid. Discovery Medical Aid is the biggest player in the South African medical aid industry.  Discovery health plans benefit everyone because you can take your pick from their basic KeyCare Plans; a low cost medical aid option which is marketed to those who can’t afford comprehensive medical aids.

Discovery Plans go right up to their Executive Plans which offer the most benefits. If you are a member of KeyCare, you will be able to use the Keycare network of hospitals and doctors. You’ll also enjoy other benefits with Discovery Plans such as unlimited emergency, day to day benefits, trauma cover, chronic medicines, cancer cover in the network, unlimited network KeyCare GP visits, specialist visits up to a certain amount as well as cover for in-hospital MRI and CT scans.

There are six Discovery Hospital plans under their Core series with benefits that will cover all those services offered in hospital. This is so long as Discovery Health has confirmed your admission as well as your treatment plan before you are admitted. With Discovery Plans you also have cover for the 27 Prescribed Minimum Benefit chronic conditions  as well as cover for certain medical expenses while travelling overseas. All of these hospital plans have unlimited hospital benefits but claims are covered at  different rates.

Discovery Vitality

Their other plans include the Comprehensive-, Priority-, Saver and Core Series. Part of Discovery Plans is their wellness program which is known as Discovery Vitality, and this plan revolves around members getting healthy and enjoying superb benefits and rewards. All members of Discovery’s plans have access to Vitality.

South Africa’s Leading Scheme Possesses Excellent Aspects

Discovery Health Travel insurance is just another excellent aspect of Discovery Medical Aid Plans. Their International Travel Benefit is of great value because it offers medical emergency cover beyond South African borders. With Discovery Plans, these benefits are available to members on the Executive Plan, Comprehensive, Priority, Saver Series and on selected Core plans. This insurance covers you for 90 days from the time you left South Africa. The cover stops once you return home. If you need emergency hospitalisation while abroad, there are Discovery Medical Plans which will pay the full cost of an authorised emergency hospital claim up to your benefit limit.

The beauty about Discovery Plans is that for 2015 no benefits have been reduced. The focus of these plans is to help members achieve wellness, mainly through Vitality which makes members aware of their state of health and to choose the road to even better health.