Cheap Medical Aid Still Obtainable

Cheap medical aid is something everyone is always looking for. Let us face it. There are many people who are struggling financially and are always on the lookout for a better and more affordable medical aid. Managing a budget these days is much harder. And therefore we need to look out for the cheapest medical aid.

Is there such a thing as cheap medical aid?

When referring to cheap medical aids, it means getting the best medical cover that you can afford. However, it must still be enough to cover all your medical expenses.

Cheap Medical AidThere are over 100 medical aids currently available in South Africa. Some medical aids offer cheap medical aid, while others are more expensive. There is a good way to find cheap medical aid schemes with cheap medical aid rates. First, establish what your needs are in terms of medical cover. In what way must your medical aid be able to provide in terms of medical procedures, doctor’s visits and medicine? Answer this by examining your current state of health.

Do you have a medical history where you need to be under a physician’s care? Do you need chronic medication? What will happen in the event of an emergency – can you pay out of your pocket for hospitalisation? These factors will determine what you need when looking for a cheap medical aid. Your budget will be the final decision making factor, and it is therefore very important to compare cheap medical aid quotes in order to find the best medical cover that will suit you.


Medical aids in South Africa


Cheap Medical AidsIn South Africa, members of medical aid schemes mostly uses private hospitals when undergoing a medical procedure or during any medical visit. Some of the well-known medical aids like Momentum Health, Bestmed and Discovery medical aid offer cheap medical aid through the different plans with a variety of options that will cover the basic medical procedures as well as in-hospital costs. However, cheap medical aid can be costly at the end of the day. If your medical cover only covers limited procedures or if you day-to-day benefits are low, you might up ending paying more for services of medication out of your own pocket.

With people struggling financially, you can get cheap medical aid through a hospital plan. In case of an emergency or accident, you will have full cover during your stay in a hospital but not beyond that.

What is medical insurance?

Medical insurance should not be confused with cheap medical aid. Medical insurance is a private health insurance that can be used in conjunction with your current cheap medical aid as additional funding – a gap cover – to pay for any shortfalls on your medical scheme.  With a medical insurance, you are covered in terms of limb loss, disabilities and dread disease, but with a medical aid, you are not insured.

If you do decide on cheap medical aid,medical insurance quotes in South Africa might be helpful in choosing the best medical insurance provider to order to provide extra cover if needed.




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