Medical Aid for Pensioners in South Africa

Medical aid for pensioners is essential for all senior citizens. As we get older, our bodies are more prone to become chronically ill or require more specialised ongoing treatments. This can be very costly, especially for elderly people. And more difficult to manage. Medical aid for pensioners will help cover medical expenses. And it will also give some peace of mind during the golden years.

Is there medical aid for pensioners?

Medical aid for pensionersThere is not a specified Medical aid for pensioners. The good news is that no medical aid, including Discovery Health, GEMS medical aid, Momentum medical aid, Bestmed or Bonitas medical aid may deny memberships, stipulated by the Medical Schemes Act, 1998. The Act prohibits any form of discrimination regarding a person’s age, claim experience, gender and state of health. In addition, no medical aid might discriminate against past medical health statuses either.

Medical aid for pensionersd oes not mean higher premiums due to age. The basic monthly contribution as a senior citizen is the same as all the other members on the same scheme. The difference lies in what plan you choose at which of the several medical aids South Africa has to offer. You can obtain cheap medical aid that will to the job if you look with care.

Which is the best medical aid in South Africa?

Be cautious when looking for medical cover. Some medical aids limit you to use certain GPs and specialist and since pensioners are often limited when it comes resources, it might be a disadvantage. The rate you are able to pay will determine what medical aid you consider joining. By comparing health insurance quotes with the IFC’s medical aid comparison navigator, you will be able to compare schemes like Momentum Health, Liberty medical aid and Discovery medical aid to name but a few. When comparing Medical aid for pensioners, look specifically at the, chronic cover, day-to-day cover and the prescribe minimum benefits (PMBs). This will give you an idea on which medical aid for pensioners will be able to meet your specific medical need.

Is a hospital plan sufficient cover?

If you are on a shoestring budget and not being able to afford medical aid for pensioners, having a hospital plan is better that nothing. A hospital plan will give more cover when it comes to in-hospital procedures as to a Medical aid for pensioners. The problem arises when you leave the hospital and need to visit a doctor or collect medication on a regular basis.

If you were only on a hospital plan, you would have to pay for these visits or medication from your own pocket. Medical aid for pensioners includes hospital procedures as well as day-to-day coverage. The amount available for day-to-day services will depend on the cover you have taken out. Medical aid for pensioners gives you a little more peace of mind, you just need to find the cover that will meet your specific demands.


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