Nimas Medical Aid Personalised Scheme for All the Family

The Nimas medical scheme, or National Independent Medical Aid Society, has been in existence for over sixty years, (now falling under the Resolution Health umbrella,) and can be considered to be one of the best medical aid schemes currently in existence here in South Africa.

What is medical aid?

There is often some confusion over the difference between a medical aid scheme and medical insurance. Every provider of a medical aid scheme is bound by law to provide cover for any emergency condition, a limited set of 270 medical conditions, and 26 chronic conditions such as Cardiac Failure and Epilepsy. Providers of health insurance are not legally required to do this.

By being a member of a medical scheme such as Nimas medical aid or Discovery medical aid for example, should you ever be hospitalised, the cost of your stay and treatment will generally be paid to the hospital by the provider of the medical aid scheme.

If you only had health insurance you would be obliged to settle the costs yourself, and these costs might exceed the amount you receive from your medical insurance provider. With the rising cost of medical treatment in South Africa, you could be faced with a residual invoice that you are not able to pay.

By taking out Nimas medical aid you can be rest assured that if one day you ever need hospitalisation, your needs will be taken care of, and the National Independent Medical Aid Society will handle the bill.

Nimas Medical AidAn additional financial advantage of having Nimas medical aid is that unlike health insurance schemes, your contributions towards your medical aid scheme are tax deductible.The details of the current tax credits applicable can be found on the SARS website.

Who can join Nimas medical aid?

The Nimas medical aid has been designed to be available to people of all ages irrespective of their income or health. There are currently four Nimas medical aid options to select from, “Core,” “Millennium,” “Classic,” and “Supreme,” depending on your requirements and budget.So whether you are starting to feel your age and want to be certain that any future medical situations are covered, or you are a young and healthy couple with a family, there is a Nimas medical aid benefit option to fit your needs.

In addition, Nimas medical aid members receive free counselling, and assistance and advice on health care matters.

Other medical aid options

Obviously the Nimas medical aid scheme is not the only scheme on the market. There are many others such as Discovery health medical aid, GEMS medical aid, Genesis medical aid, LA health medical scheme, Liberty medical aid, Malcor medical aid scheme, Momentum medical aid, and the Oxygen medical aid to name just a few.

However, we believe that Nimas medical aid is great value for money, and caters to the needs of most people. In these times of high inflation and spiraling medical costs, we strive to keep your medical contributions as low as possible. By choosing Nimas medical aid you are putting the needs of you and your family in the expert hands of a long standing and trusted medical scheme.