All I need is the air that I breathe and an Oxygen medical aid plan.

Oxygen merged with Medshield in 2010. Having an Oxygen medical plan brings with it all the Medshield knowledge and care that they have built since 1968.

Medshield ranks 4th on the list of medical aid firms with more than 250 000 members. Their plans offer a number of options to suit all.

Oxygen medical Plan and the Core Plus option

The Core Plus option is a hospital plan that provides cover in an emergency. It is ideal for healthy, fit people who do not need  GP visits or on-going treatment that often.

All bills paid at 200% of the scheme rate. The cover includes 27 prescribed minimum chronic conditions as well as emergency transport. Don’t confuse this plan with hospital cash plans. They act as support to the actual plan and provide extra cash in case of an emergency.

Affordable Oxygen medical Plan

Oxygen medical planMedshield, with Oxygen, is a scheme to look at when buying a medical aid plan. The Mediplus option offers members no limit in-hospital cover. Plus cover for 32 chronic types as well as emergency transport.

There is also day-to-day cover for extra costs such as optometry, dentistry and doctor’s visits. There is also a benefit limit amount for day-to-day cover.

The 80% plan also offers no limit in-hospital cover and is ideal for people who are able to provide a portion of their medical costs.

Chronic condition Cover

This plan is best suited for older members who need hospital as well as full cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits, radiology, pathology, optical and dental requirements and other specialist healthcare services.

The scheme provides a couple of additional benefits such as gap cover, an independent type of cover that covers the cost of surgeon and anaesthetist bills.


Management program

To ensure high quality care the scheme offer value-added benefits to all members including a benefit management program, disease management programmes, emergency services, a LifeSense HIV/AIDS program, oncology disease program and an Independent Clinical Oncology Network as well as pharmacy network.

Medshield’s Wellness benefit offers members a variety of tests that aid in preventing or early screening of possible illness.

Oxygen medical aid as operated by Medshield further offers a Standard or New Generation option which provides unlimited in-hospital cover as well as covering surgical and non-surgical procedures. This package is a great idea for couples wanting to start a family and take advantage of the additional out-of-hospital maternity package.

Out-of-hospital medical expenses can be managed by the member via a Personal Savings Account.


Limited in-hospital cover

The Essential option provides limited in-hospital cover and is thus suitable for healthy members who can enjoy the flexibility of managing their out-of-hospital expenses through the Personal Savings Account.

Finally the MediValue is a traditional option covering in-hospital expenses along with limited out-of-hospital benefits.

Medshield, incorporating Oxygen medical aid, is a great option for straightforward healthcare cover.

All info was correct at time of publishing