One Click Medical Aid From Compcare

In South Africa, if you need to source a good medical aid that is reliable and safe, then you cannot afford not to look at Compcare. With so many scam companies, scam brokers and cyber-thug activity, Compcare has taken many precautionary measures to ensure their customers are safe in the medical aid industry today. Here we will have a look at One Click medical aid from Compcare.

If you are looking for affordability, Compcare can assist in helping you to take care of you and your family’s medical needs. It applies to their whole range of options and benefits. Even though Compcare is not as cheap as some of the hospitals plan out there, it is still highly affordable when compared with many other healthcare providers. With more than 30 years behind them in the industry,

Compcare has a wonderful benefitOne Click Medical Aid when it comes to family. You only pay for the three first dependents and any others after that are free! If you have a student in the home, you still only pay the child-dependent rates until the student reaches 25. Consider what a huge saving this is.

Compare Compcare

Compcare offers its members many unlimited benefits; this will depend on what option you have chosen. They have six scheme options to choose from:

  • NetworX
  • Avis
  • UniSave
  • Mumed
  • Symmetry
  • Dynamix
  • Pinnacle


You might have wondered about Compcare; wondering if it’s safe to look at the smaller medical schemes. You might be questioning how the smaller schemes can provide long-term health solutions, because healthcare costs a fortune, right? Do they have sufficient cash reserves? The truth is, Compcare have outstanding reserve levels. It’s because they practice solid financial management.

Staying well – One Click Medical Aid

Compcare Wellness medical scheme has a wonderful lifestyle and wellness programme. In South Africa, they are one of a few schemes that offer cover to sporting professionals. Compcare realises that many sports people want to perform at their ultimate best levels; that is why they have included their wellness benefits. They want to support your healthy lifestyle to reach all your fitness goals successful. They, therefore, give you access to a gym as well as a biokinetics plus healthy eating programmes.

Compcare makes a whole lot of sense. Do your research on them, and you might find out just how comprehensive they are and what they can offer you!

As far as medical healthcare schemes go, you have many options. Some of them are expensive, but also offer you a high quality of service. Others are not expensive at all, and the quality of their service shows this. Some have a high payment rate, and others expect you to meet them halfway on the bills.

All in one – One Click Medical Aid

Compcare’s efforts have been accelerated very recently when it was proven to be the healthiest open medical scheme around in South Africa simply because of their amazing benefits and their affordability. It comes from an independent medical aid survey completed and conducted by GTC Healthcare research. So if you look around at many of the tops and leading medical aids in South Africa, you are going to find yourself inundated with plenty of options. Also, some are going to be well out of your financial brackets; others will offer you great service quality.

Others will be very cost-effective; some will be very cheap with service to match. Others will have high payment rates while others will want to meet them halfway with the paying of the bills. But compare Compcare – you won’t be looking elsewhere.

All info was correct at time of publishing