Compare Medical Aids

You can easily compare medical aids by requesting a medical aid quote online here.  Simply complete the little application form and decide if you want to get your medical aid quote by phone or by email. Submit the form and shortly you will have your medical quote in your hands.

Your customised quote will relate directly to the information you give on the form. Please note that you will receive quotes only from medical aid plans that you can afford. This might mean joining a medical scheme for the bare minimum of cover.

Do not be distressed by this. Some medical cover is better than no health insurance at all. Besides, it would be irresponsible of us to give you quotes for medical plans you could not afford.

Work through your quote thoroughly to compare medical aids and to see what exactly what is included in your plan. Make sure you have dental cover, which is vital. If you can afford it you might also have a medical savings account for day to day medical expenses. If you have queries, now is the time to ask questions.

Learn more about the medical aid schemes that have been suggested to you. Search our website for more information. There are details about all the leading medical schemes in South Africa, in addition to some of the smaller sized ones.

Compare Medical Aids

Among the main medical aids are Bonitas, Fedhealth, Discovery Health and Sizwe. There are also small, powerful ones such as Cape Medical Aid and Genesis. The smaller medical schemes can be very good so please take them into consideration too.

It could be that you qualify for a hospital plan only. The medical aid schemes provide pure hospital deals too and we recommend you select one of these plans from a medical scheme in preference to an insurance company because you will be covered for over 300 conditions and illnesses in terms of the Medical Schemes Act. Insurance companies are not obliged by law to pay for this kind of comprehensive treatment.

Plenty of medical schemes in South Africa are restricted medical schemes. This means that only employees in these trades or companies can be members. Two such schemes are the GEMS medical aid which is for government workers and previous government workers only, and Afrox medical scheme, which is for Afrox staff members only.

What happens after you compare medical aids

After you compare medical aids and choose the one that is suitable for you and your family, you will have to complete original documentation, which will be sent to you by post. Do this as quickly as possible after receiving your quotes as the entire procedure of making you an official member does take some time, especially if you are switching medical aids.

Please be completely honest about your health status and your financial standing when you complete the paper work. If one day you put in a claim and the medical fund discovers that you lied in your submission then they could easily refuse to pay you benefits.

Being a medical aid member is a long-term, important decision. Compare medical aids carefully and then go for it.

All info was correct at time of publishing