Switching Medical Aids in 2017

Healthcare and therefore health insurance needs differ from person to person. And if your medical aid doesn’t suit your personal requirements then that is a great reason for switching medical aids in 2017.

The same aspects do apply as they grow older, when they start a family, experience stresses of life and their obligations increase.

Staying on a current scheme for a long time does not necessarily mean that that is the best plan or scheme to be on for one’s current needs.

Year-End Changes

Year end is a good period to reassess one’s medical aid scheme and plan and research whether or not it still caters for the health coverage one currently needs. It is always best to consult a health insurance financial advisor for advice on switching.

Reasons for switching medical aids in 2017

switching medical aids in 2017

Currently, there are a lot of individuals switching insurers looking for a better deal.  Here are reasons collected by a study through Accenture to know why people change health insurers.

  • 40 % of the population changed insurers because of the premiums price.
  • A lot of people left their insurer because of poor service and customer support.
  • Some complained about their very limited choice of health care providers.
  • While others said, their contracts were ambiguous and confusing.


Due to these reasons mentioned above, people have switched from their insurers. They try to find an insurer to suit their needs.

Considerations when switching medical aids in 2017

In this highly technological word, you have to take your personal preferences into account. Do you prefer submitting your claims online, or do you prefer to text queries directly to the client helpline?

Waiting period

Then the best time for you to make the switch is at the end of the year. The reason for this is the mandatory waiting period, for you to be able to join another scheme.  This waiting period usually ranges from 30 to 90 days. That you will have to find out from your new medical aid scheme.

While almost all Medical Aid providers are perfectly amenable to the idea of customers terminating their existing plan to switch to another, there is usually more to it than simply ringing up and telling someone that you want to.


All info was correct at time of publishing