Medical Aid Policies for Families

Medical aid cover in South Africa is plentiful, and growing competition between the different providers ensures a host of healthy choices. There are Medical Aid Policies for Families out there.

Schemes such as Selfmed offer different plans too to suit different budgets and needs. You can compare medical aid plans at Selfmed and get a quote from them in just seconds. So Selfmed is a registered, open medical aid scheme. Also, they are one of the few medical schemes to have joined the Ethics Institute of South Africa

Medical Aid Policies for FamiliesReasons to Consider Medical Aid Policies for Families

There are some excellent reasons why you should seriously consider a medical aid policy from Selfmed –

  • They were established in 1965 – their solvency levels are more than legislative requirements
  • South Africans love the simplicity of their medical aid cover
  • they offer personalised attention to members
  • they run their individualised administration and call centre which is known as the Excellence Centre
  • Selfmed is financially stable
  • Selfmed offers an accredited, registered intermediary network


The need for a reliable medical aid plan is important in a country like South Africa. There is no alternative really, as most of the government hospitals are death traps. When you’re an ageing couple with a grown up family, you may still try to get by without medical aid, but starting a family without a good medical aid is cause for concern.

It’s important to do research about different medical aids. Medical aid quotes online don’t cost a cent. So you’ll have peace of mind that your medical aid will cover your medical expenses should you be hospitalised for any length of time.

Selfsure Option for Medical Aid Policies for Families

  • The Selfsure option is a modern plan where the principal member pays R 2,223.00. Some other aspects include –
  • Unlimited hospital cover for any PMB’s at designated service providers. In fact, it doesn’t matter which medical scheme you join; some regular benefits apply to members. Regarding the Medical Schemes Act, every medical plan of which Selfmed is included, cover costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions, life-threatening emergency medical conditions as well as a defined group of 270 diagnoses.
  • Stay at a private hospital
  • unlimited maternity visits – antenatal classes as well as scans
  • certain clinical procedures
  • GP and specialist visits – R4 500 for principal member
  • basic dentistry, physiotherapy, pathology and radiology – R6 400 for the entire family
  • optometry  – R4 800 for a family over two years
  • contraceptive benefit
  • children who are students qualify for contributions up to age 25
  • unlimited MRI and CT scans
  • certain clinical procedures in a doctor’s room


Unlike other medical aids, Selfmed is so wonderfully simple to comprehend. Their Selfsure Plan is just one – there are others. No long lists of complicated jargon accompany these plans. So why not call one of their friendly, helpful consultants to discuss what options are available to you? Also, you can phone them, visit them or fill in the easy peasy online form and they promise to get back to you.

So with Selfmed, you and your family can deal with your health care in an affordable, simple way – what more could you ask for?


All info was correct at time of publishing