Pharos Medical Aid Assigns Each Patient a Professional Nurse

March 9, 2014

Pharos Medical Aid has been in the industry since 1994. The medical scheme focuses on maintaining and breaking ground with solutions to your healthcare.

What makes Pharos Medical Aid unique?

As a member of this medical aid, you have a personal Registered Professional Nurse. She will assist you in controlling your own health and payment for your medical treatments. This means that you receive specific attention from a professional regarding your medical and healthcare needs.

Pharos is an affordable medical aid by providing you options according to what you earn. If your income is less than R7 500 you could get a premium reduction of 50 percent. Children who are younger than one year old get large discounts. There are also free management programmes available for your health.

Pharos has seven different plans from which to choose:


Methcare is a medical scheme with hospitalisation, emergency transport and day-to-day medical expenses. Benefit payments may be as high as 80%.

Footprint Comprehensive

Footprint Comprehensive is an ideal plan for young individuals who are becoming a member of a medical aid for the first time. It is affordable and offers you choices. Included in this plan is a variety of benefits when you go to hospital, such as renal dialysis, maternity, and spinal surgery. This plan also covers medication for chronic conditions.

Paladin Comprehensive

Paladin Comprehensive is a scheme in the middle of the range. It has a hospital plan that gives you Pharos Medical Aidunlimited cover when hospitalised, including but not limited to CT scans, MRI scans, trauma treatment, oncology and psychiatry. It also covers your mediation for chronic illnesses and certain day-to-day medical expenses.

Rainbow Comprehensive

Rainbow Comprehensive is the plan with the most extensive cover and ideal for members who need continued medical and healthcare treatments and medication. Included in this plan is unlimited cover when you are go to hospital, and you can choose the hospital to which you want admission. Your medicine and treatment for chronic diseases also have unlimited cover, as well as cover for your day-to-day medical treatment expenses and private medical professionals.

Active Saver

Active Saver offers unlimited cover when you are hospitalised. Flu vaccines, contraception and other preventative care are included in this plan. General maternity, immunisation for your baby, sports injury treatment and day-to-day medical treatment is covered.

Rainbow Plus

Rainbow Plus is a medical aid scheme that gives you unlimited cover. The day-to-day medical care is very extensive and the funds are provided from a savings account. This gives you management control of your medical expenses.

Footprint Primary

Footprint Primary is the ideal option for the beginner that provides a hospital plan, cover for medicines for your chronic diagnosed illness, and unlimited benefits annually.

Pharos medical aid takes their claim of caring for your health and that you should take care of your body, a step further by offering incentives with the Pharadigm Lifestyle Enhancement Program.

The three main objects are to help you in staying healthy, caring for you when you are sick, and rewarding you when you behave responsibly with your healthcare.

All info was correct at time of publishing