Liberty Hospital Plan at a Glance

March 9, 2014

South Africans looking for hospital plans have multiple options from which to choose. However, some hospital plans are more popular than others. One of the widely used hospital plans in South Africa is Liberty hospital plan.

Liberty Life is one of the leading providers of various kinds of financial related services in South Africa. This registered medical aid aims at helping people who want to plan their finances and life properly based on their circumstances.

Liberty Hospital Plan

There is no doubt that many people will be surprised to hear that the open Liberty hospital plan is not the only service offered by Liberty Life. The company today offers various kinds of insurance policies. These include the Medihelp hospital plan and short term policies even though it started operations as a life insurance company.

The Liberty hospital plan enables ordinary salary-earning people to access to quality health care. The truth is that medical care has become very costly in South Africa and only few people can afford it. The realisation of this fact caused the company to introduce its Liberty Life hospital plan.

Liberty Hospital PlanLiberty Life offers three different kinds of hospital plans, namely, the Gold Focus Select plan, Gold Focus plan and Platinum Focus plan. Each of these plans is unique in its features. They meet the medical needs of certain groups of people.

Gold Focus Select

The Gold Focus Select plan is for people who are beginning their working life. These include young individuals and newly-wedded couples. The plan is suitable for people who are still leading an active life. Chronic medications are made available to these people in some selected states facilities and approved medical facilities.

Gold Focus Select also covers all the medical expenses for accidents. However, it has some limitations. No saving components are in the plan. But the plan has an option for out-of-hospital extension which takes care of the cost for scans, casualties, day procedures and injuries of various types including those related to crime.

Gold Focus

The second hospital plan of Liberty Life is the Gold Focus plan. People who buy this plan have the option of obtaining medical care from a private hospital. This plan also covers all hospitalisation expenses incurred from accidents. It also pays for chronic conditions.  However, any charges above the standard medical rates are not covered by this plan.

Platinum Focus

The Platinum Focus plan is the third Liberty hospital plan. It covers the holders against unforeseen future medical costs, ongoing disease management and treatment of chronic diseases. People who buy this policy can obtain medical treatment from any hospital of their choice and can seek the services of any specialist they like.

The plan allows members to add clauses that will make it possible for them to opt for out-of-hospital costs as well as preventive medical care.

Besides liberty hospital plan, there are other good plans like Discovery hospital plan for which South Africans can opt. Discovery health hospital plan is provided by Discovery which is another popular insurance company in South Africa.


All info was correct at time of publishing