Discovery Hospital Plan Rates

As responsible citizens we’re required to pay a whole range of expenses every month. But they’re very much a necessary part of life and one of those necessities is paying for medical aid cover.

The cost of medical aid in South Africa can be dear which puts it out of reach for many residents in the country.
But if you are able to afford health cover, it’s a highly recommended plan of action to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected. It’s for this reason that Discovery hospital plan rates aim to remain as affordable as possible.

Different Medical Schemes

There are a variety of medical schemes out there – each of them with differing monthly premiums that cater for people from different income brackets and allow for members to enjoy a degree of private health cover.

The options range from top-end premium cover for more well-to-do members all the way to basic hospital plans for earners with lower incomes.

Besides your current state of health, your monthly salary and the Discovery hospital plan rates will be the biggest determiners when you choose a medical aid plan.

Medical Schemes and Hospital Plans

Hospital plans are more affordable than medical schemes and are favoured by healthier and younger members who may already be battling to meet monthly expenses such as bond repayments and car loans or those who don’t have a history of chronic conditions and simply want basic cover in the event of an emergency.

It’s better to have some form of basic hospital cover than none at all but if you can afford more comprehensive cover then opt for a full medical scheme.

Medical Aid and Hospital Plan Rates

Obviously, you need to shop around if you want to get value for money. Gather information from the various open medical schemes and carefully go through the exclusions and benefits before settling on a plan that suits your healthcare needs and budget.


Discovery Hospital Plan Rates

Discovery Hospital Plan Rates

Discovery Health offers a good range of plans from the KeyCare Access, which appeals to lower income earners, right up to the Executive Plan that offers full cover for all sorts of medical and healthcare needs for more affluent members.

A basic hospital plan will cover costs related to being hospitalised from admission to specialist services, in-hospital medication and certain technologies. That’s provided that a member seeks pre-approval from their medical scheme before being admitted to hospital.


We live in a dangerous country – from car crashes to attacks, so it’s essential that we have access to at least a hospital plan. We don’t want to be hit with astronomical hospital bills should an emergency arise or we fall chronically ill.

Don’t wait for that emergency or illness to strike before joining a medical aid. The longer you wait to join a scheme, the higher the rates you will pay and you may face exclusion periods which mean that you won’t be able to access the benefits even though you’re paying your premiums.

Think about the health of your family when you look at Discovery hospital plan rates.