Can You Afford Medical Aid?

Medical Aid in South Africa is not a luxury, but rather it should be seen as an investment in long-term health. So can you afford medical aid? Here we will have a look at that.

It is often difficult to decide if a Medical Aid Policy is worth taking out. People know that the “best “decision is that of course, they should join a Medical Aid. However, people often take a gamble and hope that all will be well. Some people think to themselves “can you afford Medical Aid” so just put following up, aside to deal with sometime in their future.

It is becoming riskier as the costs of medical care in South Africa continue to rise alarmingly. Particularly when there is an Emergency. Even the youngest healthiest person can fall and breaks a bone.

Can you afford Medical AidThe cost of a surgical procedure in hospitals in South Africa has risen by almost 15 % over the last five years. The WHO (World Health Organization) recently reported that the fees charged by South Africa Hospitals are amongst the highest in the world.

With such increasing costs it makes sense to join a Medical Aid Scheme. The odds are that if one is not a member, there WILL one day be a large medical bill to deal with.

The cost of a basic no frill Medical Aid is very affordable.

Tips for adjusting a budget to include Medical Aid – Can you afford medical aid?

  1. First, it is worthwhile to investigate various schemes. Take a close look at what Medical Aids offer. They can be surprisingly budget friendly.A good idea is to make contact with a Professional Medical Aid Consultant. In particular, an unbiased company that offers information on many schemes. They will independently advise on the best solution taking into account personal circumstances.
  2. Contact your local doctor, who can also advise on which schemes they deal with, and whether they are well run in their opinion.
  3. Record expenditure for a week. Keep track of lunches, snacks, movies visits, taxi fares, etc. Either keeps notes in a small notebook or record details on a Smartphone for easy access. Most people do not realise how they spend their money.
  4. After analysing the expenditure, it is possible to make some informed changes. It is amazing how by cutting out on a little entertainment or choosing generic products savings can be made. These savings can then go towards a monthly Medical Aid premium.
  5. Take advice from your Medical Aid consultant. Many medicals Aids offer perks and frills with their options.

The more that a person investigates the actual costs of Medical Aid Schemes the clearer it becomes that in fact, it is possible to get an affordable option.

Medical Aid in South African should be part of everyone’s financial planning. There are Medical Plans available at affordable premiums.

All info was correct at time of publishing