Hospital Plans South Africa

So you’ve looked at hospital plans South Africa but have no idea where to start. Well, look at the obvious first: consider your lifestyle, your income, age, medical conditions and those of your family. They’re all essential factors that will influence the hospital plan you choose. Also, consider any recent changes to your family – planned or otherwise and where you are in life right now.

Hospital Plans South Africa
Hospital Plans South Africa – Non-Emergency Expenses

This is the next thing to think about when choosing hospital plans South Africa. What are your day-to-day medical needs and expenses? You know, the non-emergencies, the things that don’t necessitate being in hospital? Look at what you would usually spend on consultations to specialists or GPs or whether or not you take prescribed medication for acute conditions. Do you visit the optometrist or dentist often?

Hospital Plans South Africa – Specified Networks

If you choose only a hospital plan, you’ll have to accept restriction to a specific network of providers.

A hospital plan might include some out-of-hospital benefits, depending on which scheme you sign up with, and these include chronic medication which is typically available through specific providers.

Network arrangements come from schemes like Discovery to control the spiralling costs of healthcare services while being careful not to compromise the quality of care received.

Hospital Plans South Africa – Medical Savings Account

Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) offer hospital plan members the flexibility to control their day-to-day medical expenditure. The Comprehensive, Plus and Core Saver plans from Discovery Health offer a range of savings levels and a variety of attributes.

Hospital Plans South Africa – Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition, or were to acquire one, would you be able to afford ongoing medication if you only have a hospital plan? It’s something you need to think about.

Some hospital plans South Africa do offer chronic medication benefits, so compare the schemes and plans before settling on the one that will cover your unique requirements. Read the fine print, though. There are those plans that will only cover chronic medication from a specified network of providers.

Hospital Plans South Africa – Hospitalisation

When you choose a plan, consider in-hospital needs that could arise. There are many hospital plans South Africa that offer full cover for hospitalisation but there are differences when it comes to what can and can’t be claimed for.

Hospital Plans South Africa – Affordability

Of course, you’ll need a pocket-friendly plan. Premiums differ between medical aid schemes and there are those hospital plans that work out more expensive than others. Choose a plan you know you can afford comfortably and will sufficiently provide for your healthcare requirements.

Hospital Plans South Africa – Watch Out For Differences

There’s a difference between a hospital plan and hospital insurance – so you’ll need to know the difference. Hospital insurance pays out a certain rand value for each day spent in hospital or even pays out a certain amount for a procedure or event.

A hospital plan is covered by the medical aid and covers members in the event of hospitalisation as well as for chronic medication benefits. According to SA law, there are 26 Prescribed Minimum Benefits which a hospital typically covers.

One of the leading hospital plans in South Africa is the Discovery Hospital Plan.


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