Fedhealth Hospital Plan

About Fedhealth

Fedhealth has a long and honorable history in the field of providing quality health care options to South Africans.

They realize the fact that medical costs have shot through the roof and that very few people are able to cover the cost of medical treatment themselves, hence products such as the Fedhealth hospital plan.

They have designed a variety of plans that aim to offer everybody the opportunity to obtain cover for a wide variety of medical emergencies.


The next best thing

They also recognize the fact that many South Africans are simply not in the position to afford medical aid that covers all contingencies but that nevertheless would need quality care in cases of emergencies. Fedhealth Hospital PlanThis is why they have designed a collection of plans that concentrate on hospital plans.

These plans do not cover day-to-day medical expenses and they do not offer benefits including dental and optometrist services. The fact remains, however, that even though the idea is to enjoy full cover, the next best thing is to rest assured that the very best medical attention will be available in cases of emergencies.

Medical schemes are expensive, but hospital plans aim to provide cover in those cases where expensive emergency treatment is suddenly necessary.


What hospital plans do Fedhealth offer?

In order to provide affordable medical aid this company offers no less than six different plans!


  • The Maxima Entry Zone plan provides unlimited private hospital cover but only from approved institutions. Unique benefits include trauma treatment in a casualty ward and post-hospitalization treatments. All standard chronic conditions are also fully covered by this plan.
  • The Maxima Core plan is a basic hospital plan that makes provision for mishaps such as broken bones. It does not cover aspects such as ambulance costs, but treatment in the very best private hospitals is guaranteed. This cover also includes a few unique benefits including the cost of scans, whether the member is hospitalized or not.
  • The Maxima Basis plan provides for unlimited private hospital care at two times the normal medical aid schemerate. It also includes the cost of trauma counseling and even oral contraceptives. Scans are also covered, whether hospitalized or not.
  • The Maxima Standard hospital plan is the most popular in the stable of products offered by this company. It offers unlimited private hospital care and members are able to choose the hospital of their choice. Among the unique benefits is the fact that dependents up to the age of twenty seven pay the same rate as children. Trauma treatment and contraceptives are also covered fully. It is a very good option for young families that cannot afford full medical cover.
  • The Maxima Exec plan is a bit more expensive but members enjoy many additional benefits. It provides unlimited cover for hospitalization at the hospital chosen by the member. In addition, fifty one chronic conditions are covered. Many day-to-day medical expenses are also covered and dependents up to the age of twenty seven are charged the same rate that applies to infants.
  • The Maxima Plus hospital plan is meant for those that expect more from their medical cover. There are no prescribed hospital lists and the plan offers unlimited major medical benefits. Cover is rather expensive but it includes generous day-to-day medical costs and many unique benefits such as post-hospitalization treatment, trauma counseling and reduced dependent payments.