Fedhealth Maxima Plus Medical Aid Option

November 12, 2015

Most people in South Africa want a good medical aid. That’s because without one, you’re at the mercy of the public health care system. Yes, there may be one or two public clinics or hospitals that are good. However, the rest are where you go to have your death certificate written out. So maybe you need a Fedhealth Maxima Plus plan to get you into a private hospital.

Fedhealth provides excellent medical care to its members along with value added benefits. Fedhealth have been around for more than 75 years so they understand the healthcare market well. They are a leading open medical aid scheme which offers  premiums that suit every pocket. The scheme offers a high claims payout and they also have an  AA- credit rating from Global Credit Rating, and with their reserve fund being more than 1 billion Rand, they are financially stable.

Fedhealth Maxima PlusFedhealth also pays more from Risk than other schemes so that their members can experience day-to-day medical spending that simply goes that much further. not only goes further, but also works harder for you.  With a slogan that says ‘Family cares for family’ Fedhealth also offers a 24-Hour Fedhealth Nurse Line, emergency transport with Europ Assistance, free trauma counselling plus comprehensive managed care programmes for CardioCare, DiabeticCare, AsthmaCare and AIDS.

Fedhealth Maxima Plus – Something More than the Regular Offerings

When you get a bit older you realise that you need a medical aid that offers something additional than the regular offerings. Fedhealth Maxima Plus, at R5 452pm,  is a top medical aid option, offering unlimited hospital cover at 300%, unlimited major medical benefits, day-to-day cover and family chronic disease benefits. Because Maxima Plus is for high level earners, those who sign up for this medical aid plan can definitely expect the very best-of-the-best treatments and care.  Let’s look at some of the fantastic benefits you can enjoy with Maxima Plus –

  • Unlimited hospital cover in any choice of private hospital
  • Trauma treatment at a casualty ward, whether you get in or not – the medical aid pays for emergency treatment from Risk and never from Savings
  • Cover for female contraceptives
  • Extensive cover for 51 chronic conditions, together with an unlimited oncology benefit
  • You get medications to take home for 7 days after discharge
  • Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge
  • Unlimited specialised radiology
  • Contracted fixed rates at Fedhealth Partner Specialists – treatments covered in full
  • Unlimited G P visits at Fedhealth GP partners

Fedhealth Maxima Plus – You Get Loads of Extras

You also get some unique bonus benefits included such as –

  • Financially dependent children enjoy cover up to the age of 27. Should they wish to have their own medical aid, no underwriting will be required
  • Comprehensive day-to-day cover with a Threshold Benefit for essential expenses such as specialist consultations and dentistry
  • The use of non-Fedhealth contracted health professionals is covered up to 200% of the Fedhealth rate
  • Fantastic giveaways etc with the popular Fedhealth Baby Programme
  • Screening and preventative program for procedures such as  mammogram, pap smear, cholesterol screening, bone densitometry test, glucose test etc.

Getting on in years and realising you need just a little bit more from your medical aid? Fedhealth’s Maxima Plus is comprehensive medical aid,  offering generous amounts of day-to-day cover plus cover for emergencies, hospitalisation, chronic medication and complete peace of mind.


All info was correct at time of publishing