Liberty Hospital Plans Explained

What are Liberty hospital plans all about?

The Liberty hospital plan is only one of many products from Liberty Life. Liberty Life pride itself on providing a host of services and products. They aim at helping people to plan their lives and their financial circumstances properly. They started out as a life insurance company.

It is a very large company that has a proud history in the financial arena. They offer life insurance, short term policies and medical aid plans that suit every circumstance and every budget.

They realize that not everybody is able to afford the benefits of a comprehensive medical scheme and have therefore designed hospital plans that will ensure that members will be able to access quality care in cases of emergencies.

Medical care isĀ  extremely expensive and very few people have the cash reserves required when major health problems occur or when one has to go to hospital.

Importance of healthcare

It is an unfortunate fact that the services offered by state institutions are no longer deemed sufficient for Liberty Hospital Plansdealing with the needs of the average citizen, especially in the case of sudden calamities and life threatening situations. The onus is upon the individual to make sure that he or she has made provision for such situations.

This is why health care insurance has become such an important and large component of the health care industry as a whole.

It is more affordable and although the benefits are not as comprehensive as those that form part of more comprehensive medical aid plans, they nevertheless provide cover for emergencies.

What Liberty hospital plans are there?

Choose from these three Liberty hospital plans:

  • The Gold Focus Select Plan is for people just starting off in life. Newly married people or young individuals that are healthy and that enjoy active life styles will find this plan attractive. It provides for care from approved service providers and from selected state facilities, especially regarding chronic medicine. In cases of accidents, there is full cover for hospital costs, but this plan does not include any savings component. However, there is the possibility of opting for an out-of-hospital extension to the plan. This option provides cover for casualties, scans, day procedures and even crime related injuries.
  • The Gold Focus Plan provides the option of using any private hospital. Expenses, in the case of hospitalization due to an accident are fully covered for in-hospital treatments and procedures. It also provides cover for expenses in cases where chronic conditions develop. It is important to note, however, that this plan pays only the standard medical rates and that charges above this rate will be for the account of the member.
  • The Platinum Focus Plan is ideal for those that want to cover themselves against unforeseen future medical expenses. It offers cover against chronic diseases and ongoing disease management. Members are able to select any hospital the want and they have access to the services of eminent specialists of their choice. Members may also opt for an extended clause that will see to out-of-hospital expenses and preventive medical care.



Liberty medical aid offers a very wide variety of products and the best medical aid that will suit every budget. It is important to make sure that every member of the family is covered in case of calamity. Even healthy young people should understand that an emergency can occur at any time. This company has a long history of excellent service and they offer insurance against those times nobody want to imagine.


All info was correct at time of publishing