Medihelp Hospital Plan Information

Many South Africans criticize the medical facilities available to average South Africans. They say the system is non-inclusive and the facilities are poor. They believe that plans such as the Medihelp Hospital plan are only for the rich.

However, studies show that health facilities in the country are far advanced when compared to so-called first world countries. These include the United Kingdom and the United States.

In South Africa, many companies offer medical cover of some sort or other and there are very strict laws that govern this cover. Certain chronic diseases simply must be included in the plans offered by all medical schemes. The provision of medical cover is an enormous business. But it also poses very complicated challenges to those companies that operate in this field.

Why a Medihelp hospital plan?

Medical aids offer various plans to their clients. It is unfortunate that medical care has become Medihelp Hospital Planincredibly expensive. Even minor procedures can cost thousands and the contributions demanded by the various companies can be prohibitive to some people.

A hospital plan offers an alternative. Not everybody needs full cover. And many people will be financially unable to afford quality care in a private hospital when it becomes necessary.

These plans provide cover for those occasions where members go to hospital and where they need specialist care.

What does a Medihelp hospital plan offer?

There are several reasons why you should consider this company when taking out a plan that covers hospital cost:

  • They are one of the biggest open medical schemes in the country. They provide quality care to more than a quarter of a million people. And they have been at it for more than a hundred years.
  • Medihelp offers a wide variety of products to their members. And members are able to upgrade to other plans as their circumstances change. Not all schemes offer this advantage. It is therefore possible to start off with a very basic plan and progress to more advanced cover as things change and it is even possible to downgrade cover if things go awry.
  • The Dimension Prime 1 plan is one of the most affordable medical aid options. It allows for optimum care in private hospitals in cases where hospitalization is necessary. The plan also makes provision for preventive care benefits and members pay for a maximum of two children – the rest are free. Astonishingly, even children under the age of twenty six require payments for child dependents only!
  • The Dimension Prime 2 Plan offers all the various benefits offered by the Dimension Prime 1 plan, but it also offers day-to-day benefits, and a savings account. This plan costs a little bit more, but is worth every penny for a family that cannot afford full medical cover while still needing some form of insurance against emergencies.



Not everybody can afford full medical cover but every parent wants to be sure that they will be able to access the very best possible medical care when an emergency occurs.

This company makes that possible and, best of all, offers the opportunity to upgrade to more comprehensive cover when circumstances allow.

It is a very good option for people with cost constraints that nevertheless want to be covered against calamities and that want the very best care in such instances.


All info was correct at time of publishing