Resolution Medical Aid

Formed in the year 1998, Resolution Medical Aid has managed to get an astounding number of members, today it caters for approximately 150,000 members.

This is a great feat, achieved in a relatively short time. Some of its traditions have enabled the medical aid company to get to this numbers.

Advantages of Resolution Medical Aid

One of the major advantages that this scheme has compared to other medical schemes is that it diligently follows up on all its members claims and tries to pay up as soon as possible. They actually pay claims within 48 hours of filing.

This impressive trait has seen them being recognised and getting awarded with the prestigious AA- Resolution Medical AidGlobal Credit Rating that is given to companies exhibiting exemplary claim paying attributes.

Different product options

Resolution Health Medical Aid has 5 product options available for its customers. These are: The Hospital Plan, the Foundation Plan, the Progressive Flex Plan, the Progressive Saver Plan, and the Prestige Plan.

The Hospital Plan, like other basic hospital plans is good for people who do not get sick often and would rather manage their own day to day expenses. However, they would want assurance of medical services in case of hospitalization.

These services cover many of the expenses  relating to a hospital stay including theatre expenses, labour ward expenses, surgical operations, ICU costs, X rays, scans etc. Other benefits include trauma benefit and unlimited oncology benefits.

In the Foundation Plan, contributions to the scheme are income based with the costs ranging from R492 to R1124. Members get full hospital cover in this scheme plus other benefits. The members get unlimited GP access, basic dentist and optometry, and the services of specialist network providers. The plan covers 25 chronic diseases.

The Progressive Flex Plan is a more advanced plan that includes day to day expense benefits and hospitalization costs.   This plan includes the flexi benefit if one has a beneficiary. Its monthly premiums range from R1224 with a child dependant costing R362.

The Progressive Saver Plan also covers the day to day expenses and the in-hospital expenses. The coverage of the day to day expenses is however dependant on one’s savings. An advantage of this is that it carries over unused money for use in later years.

Finally there is the Prestige Plan. Resolution Health boasts this as the most comprehensive cover plan available in their company. It covers unlimited hospitalization expenses and day to day expenses.

Services on offer

Resolution Health Medical Aid offers its members some periphery added services that also make them so attractive to clients, these services include; A preventive Care programme that the company applies to each member free of charge. The service is aimed at keeping the members healthy and as a preventive measure against disease.

Resolution Health Medical Aid with the assistance of ER24 also provides its members with emergency services. They also give their customers International travel cover hence helping the clients feel safe wherever they are in their travels. ResoBaby Maternity Programme is another incentive programme that is targeted for the expecting mothers.

It offers several services to help the women. Finally there is the Zurreal4life programme. This bonus service offers among many other services, free legal benefits and online shopping options.

Resolution Health completed their amalgamation with National Independent Medical Aid Society (NIMAS) as of 1 August 2012.

Working South Africans who are not satisfied with the range of options presented by Resolution Medical Aid can opt for those offered by Gems Medical Aid, Discovery Medical Aid, Bonitas Medical Aid and other providers.


All info was correct at time of publishing