Medihelp Medical Aid Helps Members Stay Healthy

Medihelp medical aid is a large, well-established South African medical aid scheme that promotes good health, with its own sports club and wellness programme. It also launched a new blog on its website, with written posts and videos aimed at inspiring Medihelp members to stay fit and healthy.

The company’s medical aid and benefit options range from a classic comprehensive medical aid plan to a contemporary hospital plan. Medihelp also offers various popular network-based options that enable members to decrease their monthly payments.

Medihelp Medical Aid Plans

There are five primary medical aid plans that Medihelp offers. Each one provides cover that will meet divergent needs for a variety of people in different stages of life.

Medihelp Medical AidThese are combined with network options that decrease payments of some plans by 20 percent, as well as a plan that gives additional benefits to individuals and families to cover day-to-day medical needs and other costs.

Medihelp medical aid plans available in 2015 are:

  • Necesse Network – a medical aid plan with an affordable premium that gives members access to a pre-approved network of doctors
  • Dimension Prime 1 – a good hospital plan that has preventive care benefits; taking the network option reduces the premium by 20 percent
  • Dimension Prime 2 – basic medical aid with savings cover for extra expenses; taking the network option reduces the premium by 20 percent
  • Dimension Prime 3 – medical cover designed for the whole family, with optometry and dentistry included in the plan; taking the network option reduces the premium by 20 percent
  • Dimension Elite – as the name suggests, this “elite” medical aid plan offers comprehensive medical over that includes specialists as well as medicine for chronic conditions
  • Medihelp Plus – offers benefits for day-to-day medical requirements as well as medical emergencies and private hospitalisation; it includes preventive care


How Medihelp Helps to Keep Members Healthy and Fit

Medihelp Medical AidMedihelp medical scheme helps its members keep fit and healthy via its free online HealthPrint programme. It also offers free membership to the online Medihelp Sport Club, a club for moms to be and moms with children, and in 2015, it added a fun and educational blog to its website. There is also a multisport club available to people who are not already Medihelp members.

How to Choose a Medihelp Medical Aid to Suit You

Because the range of medical aids available have been formulated for different needs, including chronic illness, it is relatively easy to pinpoint which will be the best for you or for me.

  • Necesse Network is the best option for those with a lower income
  • Dimension Prime 1 is ideal for people on Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB)-defined chronic medicine
  • The Dimension Prime 2 Option is also ideal for people on PMB-defined chronic medicine
  • Dimension Prime 3 is also ideal for people on PMB-defined chronic medicine – just compare the differences between the three Dimension Prime plans
  • The Dimension Elite Option is ultimately the company’s best offering, and the one to take if you can afford it

The costs of these different plans range from R1 152 to R3 294 per month; but the differences are vast in terms of offerings. For instance a major benefit of the top-level Elite product is the focus on preventive care that ranges from health tests (including mammograms and HIV tests) to immunisations, pregnancy consultations and a back treatment programme.



All info was correct at time of publishing