KeyHealth Medical Aid

December 28, 2012

When one is looking for a medical coverage organisation, some factors are very important. One is the paying ability of the company; the conveniences in the services offered i.e. are the supported facilities close enough? And another most important thing to consider is the affordability of the products. Several medical aid schemes in South Africa can provide suitable solutions and one of them is KeyHealth medical aid.

Overview of KeyHealth medical aid

Keyhealth Medical Aid started  in 1966 and due to its tradition of putting members first and providing cost effective and ideal products for them, the company can now boast of having more than 100,000 members. This medical cover provider is among the top 15 companies providing open medical aid in the country.

KeyHealth Medical AidIt is also among the 5 medical aid schemes that can operate within the Government. The company rakes in almost R1.5 billion from its premium income per year, and has reserves that exceed R280 million.

Different products on offer

Keyhealth Medical Aid has 5 major products that can be grouped into 3 basic groups i.e. the hospital plans, the general cover plans and the comprehensive cover plans. Under the Hospital plans we have the Essence option. Under the General cover plans we have the Equilibrium and Silver options while in the Comprehensive plans we have the Gold and Platinum options.

The Essence option has the basic cover found at the company’s entry level. This cover is a hospital plan and provides hospital cover only. One is also provided with some preventive care benefits. It does not cover out of hospital or day by day expenses.

The Equilibrium option, covers for the costs incurred in the hospital. In this option, the plan covers the specialist services within the hospital extensively. The member in this option can also recover day to day costs from a savings account.

The silver option which is also in the general cover plans is a hospital plan that young families can greatly benefit from. This option will provide cover for hospital expenses and also cover some of the day to day expenses.

The Gold option which is part of the comprehensive plans has extensive benefits for the member. The benefits include an unlimited hospital cover and many out of hospital and day to day benefits. This plan is similar to the Platinum option apart from the fact that the Platinum option will have much more benefits as compared to any other plan.

Customer satisfaction

Keyhealth is a company that focuses greatly in customer satisfaction and goes to great lengths to offer more to its valuable members. An example is the health booster that is provided by the scheme as an extra for its members.

The health booster is provided to all members irrespective of the option that one is in. The health booster aims to disease and ailments from attacking the members. This is offered at no cost at all.

Benefits that are not included

Apart from the many benefits that Keyhealth Medical Aid offers in terms of medical cover, there are some services that Keyhealth will not provide cover for, these include: DNA testing, Gastroplasty, Obesity related services, Acupuncture services, Colonic irrigations, IQ tests and services related to learning problems, Biokinetics, Biostress assessments, Cosmetic procedures, Reversals of sterilisations including vasectomy reversals, Sclerotherapy of varicose veins, EBCT, and services related to the reconstruction of palate of uvula.

But South Africans can easily find schemes that cover for these procedures in other schemes such as Discovery Medical Aid, Bonitas Medical Aid and Fedhealth Medical Aid.


All info was correct at time of publishing