Fedhealth Medical Aid

Fedhealth Medical Aid started in 1936 as Reef Medical scheme. With the passing of years, Fedhealth has evolved developing medical aid schemes geared to satisfy all unique individual needs.Fedhealth solutions are affordable; customers get their money’s worth in dealing with Fedhealth.

Fedhealth currently sits as the 5th largest medical aid in South Africa. The scheme is financially stable with solvency levels complying with the legal requirements. That is due to their commitment to satisfy their clients. Significantly, Fedhealth has an AA- Global Credit Rating.

“Real Medical Aid”

Fedhealth Medical Aid, which brands itself as the “Real Medical Aid”, has two major categories of products. These are the Maxima and the Ultima.

Fedhealth Medical AidThe Ultima category is designed for people with a more advanced age who might require more benefits in their packages. This category has three options which include; Ultimax, Ultima 200 and Ultima 300.

The Maxima category has six options which offer basic to extensive benefits, this options include; Maxima Entry Zone, Maxima core, Maxima Basis, Maxima Standard, Maxima Exec and Maxima plus.


Fedhealth Medical Aid Blue Door plan

This medical aid scheme has the Blue Door plan that is created to assist those who may not have sufficient financial power. These are especially the young who have just started working.

This plan will still offer unlimited hospital cover from all the medical facilities in the country in the Fedhealth network. Emergency services such as evacuation are provided with the assistance of Europ Assistance South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

This scheme also covers for the costs of special services such as MRI and CT scans. There is no cover for oral or cosmetic surgery.

Additional benefits with the Maxima basis plan

If a client decides to get the Maxima basis plan, then they will have many other additional benefits such as the following. The clients can get cover even in unlisted facilities (non-Fedhealth associates).  Clients will also have cover for day to day expenses, (though limited). In cases of trauma, Fedhealth provides counselling.

There is cover for members who indulge in high risk sports, in case of any mishap. This could even be in the eventuality that they can no longer practise in the sport. Members who could be having chronic conditions such as diabetes, HIV, or cancer will in addition to getting medical cover also benefit from disease management programmes which will benefit greatly in dealing with their condition and making them more productive.

Added benefits

Fedhealth Medical Aid has some added benefits which include:

  • The scheme will provide unlimited hospital cover in any hospital
  • If a member wants to upgrade to a better plan there are no no limits regarding dates
  • Children will be charged with the lower child rate until they are at the advanced age of 27 and there is no underwriting when the children want to transfer to adult membership
  • Post-hospitalization costs are covered for a month after one is discharged from the hospital
  • The Fedhealth medical scheme covers for 56 chronic conditions in almost all their products
  • Specialised radiology is not paid out of savings but from Risk
  • The scheme will cover members involved in extreme sports
  • All oral contraceptives are free
  • And medication that is taken home when one is discharged is given free of charge


Fedhealth is not a monopoly in the offering of healthcare schemes in South Africa and some of its competitors that those seeking health cover can check out are Discovery Medical Aid, Bonitas Medical Aid and Gems Medical Aid.


All info was correct at time of publishing