Fedhealth Medical Aid Options Include Hospital and Comprehensive Plans

March 19, 2015

Fedhealth medical aid options are varied, offering everything from fully comprehensive plans to solid but straightforward hospital cover.

There are three basic plans in the package of Fedhealth medical aid options ranging from an entry-level medical aid scheme for those who have never been covered before to comprehensive cover with all the bells and whistles.

Fedhealth also has corporate medical aid schemes designed for both large and small businesses.

Entry-level Fedhealth Medical Aid Options

Blue Door Plus

Fedhealth Medical Aid Options FamilyThe cheapest medical scheme available in the range ofFedhealth medical aid options is called Blue Door Plus.It is described as “salary-banded cover for the previously uncovered”. Aimed at employees earning a low income, it offers excellent cover based on monthly income, from less than R5 000 to a figure close to R12 000 and over.

Members receive cover for:

  • Unlimited hospitalisation in private hospitals in the Fedhealth network
  • Unlimited consultations with general practitioners within the network
  • No limit to prescribed medicines
  • Some basic optometry and dentistry



The Maxima series of Fedhealth medical aid options is the most varied of the medical plan series available. There are nine individual options, each catering for members’ different needs:

  1.  Standard
  2. EntrySaver
  3. Plus
  4. Exec
  5. Basis
  6. Core
  7. EntryZone
  8. StandardNet
  9. Saver

In general, the nine Fedhealth medical aid options under the Maxima banner are for young families, families in general, and individuals, including those who can afford to take our the very best medical aid scheme. People wanting an affordable medical scheme are also catered for. So there really is something in these Fedhealth medical aid options to suit everyone.

In addition, the Fedhealth medical aid options under the Maxima umbrella range from comprehensive medical plans to hospital plans that require members to use network hospitals (which of course, ultimately saves money).


Fedhealth Medical Aid OptionsThe Ultimax series offers two different Fedhealth medical aid options, both promising comprehensive cover. These plans are considered the ultimate – or most elite – medical schemes offered by Fedhealth and are called:

  1. Ultimax
  2. Ultima 200

The Ultimax option is “the ultimate in comprehensive cover for older members”, while Ultima 200 is the elite plan for comprehensive hospital cover plus.

Both of these Fedhealth medical aid options cover unlimited private hospitalization as well as a number of “unique benefits” including unlimited CT and MRI scans in- or out-of-hospital. The more expensive Ultimax option also covers trauma and treatment after discharge from hospital (for 30 days).

There is full cover for specialist treatment in hospitals as long as the members uses a network professional. Also there is cover for 65 chronic conditions, and “biological special medication” for treatment of these conditions. There is cover for free influenza vaccinations as are certain “essential” medical expenses for prescribed medicine, dentists, and consultations with specialists.

Ultimax members also have unlimited cover for organ transplants, kidney failure and cancer.


Corporate Fedhealth medical aid options are for any size of business and meet individual company’s needs. Essentially, they offer a range of comprehensive options as well as many benefits aimed to enable employees to save on medical and related costs.




All info was correct at time of publishing