Low premiums on high-class medical aid from Medshield.

Many people look for medical aid with low premiums. Full medical cover can be an expensive business. Therefore, most people end up with no cover when they need it the most.

Medshield aims to offer a medical solution you can afford. Whatever your budget, you will find a plan to match. Read on to see what Medshield offer and find out more about this firm.

Medical Aid with Low premiums – Premium Plus

The Premier Plus option offers full cover for both corporate and families. You get complete cover for day-to-day costs and in-hospital costs at 100% of the tariff rate. In some cases, for hospital fees this is extended to 200%.

Included is a personal savings account from which to pay your day-to-day medical needs. Any portion pf your personal savings account unused at the end of the year is available for use in the next year.

Medical Aid with Low premiums – Medi Core

Maybe your budget does not quite stretch to full cover. The Medi Core option allows you to save by providing only cover in hospital for a medical emergency. You pay for your own day-to-day costs.

Medical Aid with Low premiumsMedical Aid with Low premiums – MediSaver

This plan offers a growing family the ideal balance between insurance and your medical budget.

It includes in-hospital benefits and the option to add a personal savings account. You benefit from the maternity package that covers out of hospital expenses as well.

Medi Bonus

Excellent for individuals and is also part of the Premier range. Insures you for hospital expenses if you use the Medshield Network. Up to 200% of medical tariffs being paid for certain procedures. You receive day-to-day cover for doctor’s visits, dentistry, radiology, etc.


Just started work and healthy? No need to have costly premiums for cover you won’t use. This option includes full hospital cover within the Medshield Network and some day-to-day cover as well.

Medi Plus

The option to have if you earn a good salary. No limit cover for hospital visits within the Medshield Network and day-to-day cover for a range of medical bills as well.

Medi Phila

A good plan if on a fixed budget. You and any dependents enjoy no limit hospital cover for treatment that falls under the PMB’s list.

You also receive cover in-hospital for some issues not on this list. Some day-to-day cover too.

Medshield – Medical Aid with Low premiums 

Medshield offers cover with its partner network. You receive cover on some plans outside of the network, but that is limited to medical aid tariffs.

In addition, Medshield offers value-added services such as Medshield Wellness which includes access to mobile medical advice. The Medshield Mom benefit ensures that you get a free hamper when your baby is born.

Medshield is a trusted name in the insurance game. It offers cover when you need it most, at rates you can afford.

All info was correct at time of publishing