Look before you leap into buying a medical aid plan.

When trying to decide which medical aid scheme to join, it’s vital to have your Medical aid plans compared in order to make the right choice.

Take time to look around on websites and compare the plans you have in mind. We look at a few plans below –

Medical aid Plans compared – Discovery

Discovery Health is the largest scheme in the country and so will feature in most search results. However, they don’t only offer hospital and healthcare plans. They have also set up the Discovery Fund aimed at community healthcare in poor areas. They invest in the public health sector and focus on HIV health plans.

The firm offers a range of schemes from a simple hospital plan to complete cover. With day-to-day Medical aid plans comparedhealth care expenses, chronic illness benefits and a savings account. Members have the choice of managing their own medical savings.

The Delta Network Plans allow for in-hospital day-to-day benefits. It gives members access to funding for the latest in medical technology and is an affordable form of cover centred on the Delta Hospital Network.

The scheme’s Core Series offers complete hospital cover and chronic medicine. The Key Care Series are a cheap option for the low-income market and centre on a certain network of hospitals and doctors.

Medical aid plans compared – Bonitas

Bonitas also comes out ahead on comparison sites. Their plans fit in with your needs and provide high-quality health care. The Major Medical Benefit options cover medical expenses in the event of a hospital stay or emergency treatment. Hospital accounts are fully covered and admission is subject to pre-authorisation.

The Chronic Benefits plan cover the medicine required on an on-going basis for diabetes or coronary conditions. Out of Hospital Benefits cover the day-to-day medical costs that a member incurs at home such as GP  or dental appointments.

Benefits and Services

When choosing a plan make sure you get value for money. Value-added benefits and services should also be a consideration. Momentum Health enables savings of up to 35% on contributions owing to strong partnerships.

They further offer a HealthSaver program that allows for extra medical expenses. Members can also access emergency numbers, membership details and other medical related info off their mobile site, which makes important information quickly accessible.

These are just some of South Africa’s medical aid plans compared. Take care to consider the pros and cons of the plan you choose. Does the plan include cover for chronic medication, pregnancy, day-to-day medical expenses, a medical savings account, reward programmes or partnership discounts?

All info was correct at time of publishing