Cape Medical Aid Information and Options

Medical aid in South Africa, even Cape Medical Aid, can be pretty complicated and there are quiet a variety of medical aid schemes to choose from so knowing which one is right for you is paramount to adequate cover.

Cape Medical Aid therefore sets out to ensure that their members have the right medical cover. Members should have all the information they need to make informed choices at any stage of their lives.

Overview of Cape medical aid

The scheme tries to keep their products easy to understand and sets about providing current information with regards to the healthcare industry. The scheme opened in 1961 and in fact operates throughout South Africa even though their offices are based in Cape Town.

The company promise to answer its members’ questions accurately and to explain and clarify details when required. They also promise to respect their members, communicate effectively and maintain the Cape Medical Aidintegrity of personal information.

This sounds like big promises for medical schemes but they set out to achieve. The scheme offers three main medical aids cover.

HealthPact Premium 

HealthPact Premium plan is a straightforward hospital plan for people who are fit and healthy and do not need day-to-day care, chronic care or regular visits to doctors. The plan is affordable at R906 per month per principal member and offers full hospital cover.

With this plan you are able to manage your day-to-day medical expenses yourself. The unlimited hospital cover applies to any hospital of your choice. And it covers specialist procedures at 200% of the tariff. There is also cover for some out-of-hospital procedures and the plan includes ample maternity benefits too.

The plan also offers members emergency ambulance cover and unlimited pathology.

HealthPact Silver

The HealthPact Silver plan is great for making sure that you and your family have cover for unforeseen events with Cape Medical Aid.

The Medical Savings Account allows for day-to-day expenses such as eye tests, dental care and over-the-counter medication and there is also unlimited hospital cover in a hospital of the members’ choice and the premiums are R1 172 per principal member.

HealthPact Select

This plan affords members peace of mind as they have cover with the best care and facilities if needed. The Select plan is effective cover for chronic conditions and the day-to-day benefits offering are ample. The plan offers all-round care with the likes of a hospital plan and Medical Savings Account. The premiums are in the region of R3 384 per principal member.

The medical savings account

The Medical Savings Account is a handy tool to have with your plan. It is pre-funded at the beginning of each year and the funds can be used to cover day-to-day costs such as GP consultations, eye care and dentistry. Should the account run out before the end of the year then the member is held liable for additional expenses. Any remaining funds, though, are carried over to the next year.

Choosing the right medical aid for you means knowing what your needs are. Should your needs change over time; you are always able to move to another plan that will offer sufficient cover.


All info was correct at time of publishing