Selfmed Medical Aid

December 27, 2012

Selfmed medical aid is a medical aid that has been offering cover to South Africans for nearly 50 years. The scheme claims to offer high quality medical schemes to members along with top-notch service and guidance.

The scheme offers straightforward, no-frills plans and there are no added-value rewards like shopping discounts, gym memberships or any other hidden costs. They aim to offer hospital plans and other plans designed to suite your needs.

Selfmed medical aid offers

Similar to other medical aid schemes, Selfmed offer four main plans along with additional benefits such as:

  • the scheme covers medicine on discharge in the hospital benefit
  • Unlimited emergency transport in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland
  • CT and MRI scans covered by medical benefits
  • Unlimited laser tonsillectomies, colonoscopies and gastroscopies benefits either in or out of hospital
  • Ample maternity and birth benefits
  • Unlimited cover for home nursing and rehabilitation.


Medxxi Option

The Medxxi option is a basic hospital plan offered by Selfmed medical aid and is ideal for people who do not require chronic care, regular consultations or day-to-day expenses.

Selfmed Medical AidThe plan offers unlimited hospital cover for any hospital in the country and covers 26 chronic conditions. Ante-natal classes are also catered for as are some clinical procedures that would be required in doctor’s rooms.

MRI and CT scans are covered both in and out of hospital. The plan allows members control over their medical spending and the ability to manage their budget.

Selfmed 80%

The 80% plan offers comprehensive cover with only 20% co-payments. The same hospital cover and ante-natal classes apply as per the hospital plan with unlimited hospital cover throughout South Africa but this plan offers cover for 65 chronic conditions up to a value of R34 800.

Further benefits include specialist cover at 80% of cost either in or out of hospital and cover for joint replacements. The oncology benefits are ample and there is cover provided for biological drugs.

Selfmed Selfsure

This cover is perfect for mature couples or families and offers members some generous day-to-day benefits. Once again ante-natal classes and unlimited hospital cover throughout the country are provided.

This plan covers 26 chronic medical conditions as well as certain clinical procedures such as tonsillectomy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Both MRI and CT scans are provided for either in or out of hospital.

The Selfmed medical aid Selfsure plan further provides cover for joint replacement although sub-limits may apply. Oncology benefits are provided for too.

Excellence Centre

Selfmed claims to put the health of their members first and in so doing have set up an Excellence Centre to deal with queries. They aim to constantly improve their benefits and keep annual increases as low as possible.

They aim to offer simplistic, sincere service whilst ensuring peace of mind for their members. With close to fifty years of experience, the scheme is stable and understands its member’s requirements.

Their no-frills plans offer something for everyone and every pocket that ensures high quality healthcare and excellent customer service.

All info was correct at time of publishing