Some Tips and Expert Advice on Choosing a Medical Aid

When choosing a medical aid scheme to join, the best thing is to consult a medical aid consultant to get expert advice on choosing a medical aid.

There are other ways, however, to figure out the best plan without such consultation.

So we are here to provide expert advice on choosing a medical aid.

Below we list the best tips when choosing the best medical aid scheme and plan, for your well being.

Expert advice on choosing a medical aid

 Expert Advice on Choosing a Medical Aid

Personal health

Once one as determined that they do need medical aid they find that there is a wide variety of choices. The first tip is to consider personal health and to be brutally honest about this assessment. The young and healthy need a small basic cover that includes hospital cover. For someone who has a terminal illness or condition, this cover is insufficient. The young and healthy also have to look at other medical appliances they may need, for example, optical wear and dental fillings, these will require a little more extensive medical cover which can save them from having to pay exorbitant medical bills themselves in the end.

One also has to also consider their financial standing. While the most comprehensive cover is often the best medical cover one can get, they are also the more expensive options; it is also not prudent to over insure yourself. It is also not a good idea to end up spending most of your income just on medical coverage. The medical premium must be affordable. That must be put on the same scale as what will have to be paid out of pocket for any expenses that medical aid will not cover on the cheaper medical aid plans. The third tip is that research on the benefits is necessary. A prospective member must read all the fine print. All the plans start to look the same after reading a few, but each person must determine which benefits are the most beneficial to them.

The claim process

Considering we are giving expert advice on choosing a medical aid, here is another one to consider.

Do some research on the claim processing and payment record of the scheme. The how long and tedious it is to process a claim, how long it takes the scheme to acknowledge a claim once received and how long it takes to get feedback and payment. For this information, it’s best to ask people who are already members of the scheme or even better the staff and the doctor’s rooms.

Visiting a broker

A last best tip to consider if you have done the research and still cannot decide on an insurer. Visit a financial broker who specialises in medical insurance, such as Curemed. They deal with multiple medical aid schemes at a one time. Also, they will go with the ones that give them best service and least amount of trouble. They have no direct relationship with the actual medical aid insurers, so they have no reason to pick sides.A simple cause of this is because they have nothing to gain from it. They will usually also broker the deal for you, meaning they deal with the problem first.


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