The cost of medical cover

Every month, responsible citizens are required to pay for a variety of expenses that are a necessary part of life; medical aid is one of these. The cost of medical cover in South Africa can be expensive and this puts it out of reach for many of the country’s residents.

If you can afford health cover then it’s a recommended course of action to ensure that you and your family are protected.


Medical schemes

There are a huge variety of medical schemes, each with a range of monthly contributions so that people in different income brackets can enjoy a certain level of private health insurance cover.

These options start with top-end premium insurance cover for affluent members and extend to basic hospital plans for lower income earners.

The cost of medical cover in South AfricaYour monthly salary is the biggest determining factor when it comes to choosing which medical scheme you’re going to get.


Choosing between a medical scheme and a hospital plan

One of the most important decisions you need to make will be choosing between a medical scheme and a hospital plan. The more affordable hospital plan is favoured by younger, healthier individuals who are already struggling to meet monthly expenses like car and bond repayments.

They don’t often go to the hospital and are infrequently sick so they struggle to see why they should pay high monthly contributions if they aren’t using the benefits.

It’s preferable to have a Hospital Plan than no medical cover but if you can afford comprehensive health cover insurance then choose a full medical scheme. It means that you don’t have to worry about daily medical expenses and you can rest easy knowing that your family’s health will be looked after.


The right price

You need to investigate the range of medical aids in South Africa to find the right cover at the right price. Request information packages from all the open medical schemes and scrutinise fully the benefits and exclusions so that you can find a scheme that’s most suited to your budget and your healthcare requirements.


The cost of medical cover

  • Discovery Health Medical Scheme has a wide range of plans that begin with the KeyCare Access, where the main member pays R450, and end with the Executive Plan, which costs the main member R3 764
  • KeyHealth Medical Scheme has five plans; the entry level option is Essence and the main member pays R985, and their premium Platinum service costs a main member R4 630
  • Liberty Medical Scheme has a Hospital Option which charges the main member R1 048 and a Prestige Plan that costs the main member R4 487
  • Fedhealth Medical Scheme offers a Blue Door plan where the principal member pays R463 and the Ultima policy that charges the main member R 5 933


It’s essential that every individual have access to a medical scheme. Don’t wait until you are sick or have an emergency before you find a good medical aid because you could end up paying higher rates or face exclusion periods where you can’t access the health care benefits even though you are a paying member of the scheme.

Consider the health and security of your family and then choose a medical plan that you can afford which satisfies your specific needs.