GEMS Medical Aid Quote

December 12, 2015

Government employees are very fortunate to be able to reap excellent health benefits from the GEMS medical aid group. Get a GEMS medical aid quote and you will see.

Before GEMS was introduced in January 2005, government employees found they were unable to afford medical cover.  Those that did belong to medical aids found them becoming too expensive and not always offering the best value for money.

GEMS Medical Aid Quote – Healthier employee opportunities

The historic moment arrived when GEMS arrived on the scene. A GEMS medical aid quote suggests that employees have equal access to basic healthcare benefits, all under equitable remuneration structures.

Each quote from GEMS will come with advice to help ensure you get the best plan at the best price. You can shop for health insurance quotes by phone or online. GEMS offer innovative medical aid benefits made available to all employees. Employees literally have the chance to improve their health and wellbeing and this in turn improves productivity in the work place.

You can join GEMS and request a medical aid quote if you work for these groups:

GEMS Medical Aid Quote•    A national department
•    A provincial department
•    A provincial administration
•    Organisational components
•    Any employer group that is approved by the Scheme

Comparing quotes is the cleverest way to ensure you get the best plan.  More information on who may and who may not join GEMS is available on the Public Services website at

GEMS Medical Aid Quote – Get a Quote for Each Option

Gems have 5 fantastic options to choose from when requesting quotes. Each package is developed to cater for your salary. These are –

•    Sapphire
•    Beryl
•    Ruby
•    Emerald
•    Onyx

How old are you, do you have dependents? GEMS will quote you on their Sapphire option. This is an entry level option that will offer you out-of-hospital care like going to the doctor, the dentist or optometrists, maternity care and in-hospital cover at public hospitals. If you are a top earner, GEMS will send you a quote for their Onyx plan. On this option, you can claim on certain out-of-hospital expenses such as your general practitioner as well as specialist visits. You can also claim on basic radiology tests from your Block Benefit.

GEMS are always aiming to bring their members the best in healthcare benefits that it can possibly give. It tries to offer as many choices as it can. They have a website where you can request a quote based on certain criteria. In some cases, an employee might quality for a healthcare subsidy, where your employer will pay a certain amount of your contribution each month and you pay the rest.

There are many options for shopping for health quotes. Your best option is determined largely by your income, your marital status, your dependents and your age, but make sure you understand the guidelines for reimbursing employees for the different plans. If you are a government employee, don’t delay in joining GEMS and requesting medical quotes to start benefiting from good health and therefore good productivity at the office.

All info was correct at time of publishing