Bestmed for the best service and experience.

The Bestmed medical scheme is one of the oldest in South Africa. With almost fifty years of experience, they are among the top ten open schemes. Two hundred thousand members and their dependents agree.

Bestmed is financially sound with a solvency of more than thirty percentage points. This is much higher than the legal requirement of twenty-five percentage points.

The scheme prides itself on experience, service levels and the lowest annual increases in premiums.

What plans Does a Bestmed medical Scheme offer? 

The scheme prides itself on having plans that are clear, concise and easy to understand. Future members will not struggle to compare the benefits offered by each of the three plans below.

  • Beat range – For younger, healthy, fit people and families. It includes full maternity benefits, a wide range of hospital extras and cover for chronic disease. Priced for young families that cannot afford full cover. Members have a complete range of benefits, including treatment for mental issues, dental work, prosthesis, diagnostic imaging and oncology programmes, among others.


  • Pace range – Designed for older families that are more likely to have higher health costs. The plan includes benefits to pay day-to-day medical costs and Bestmed Medical Schemecover for chronic diseases and hospital stays.
  • Full cover for a wide range of treatment including substance abuse, organ transplants and emergency issues, to name just a few extras not usually offered by other schemes.


  • Pulse range – The flagship of Bestmed. Aimed at people that need cover for a wide range of conditions and treatment plans. It includes day-to-day medical costs plus in and out-of-hospital costs.
  • Vaccinations and paediatric immunisation plus all the benefits offered in the other plans. It pays for theatre fees, surgery and a range of conditions that are not on the list of the minimum required conditions.

Bestmed medical Scheme – How to Choose a Plan

Everybody wants the best possible medical cover but it is important to be real. Therefore, before you join any scheme you should look at your ability to pay your fees.

Choose a more basic plan which you can afford rather than a comprehensive plan that may lapse because of non-payment.

Bestmed has a great website and makes an effort to answer all enquiries clearly and quickly. Use the website to ask for guidance and advice.

Applications are done online and finalised within a day or two. Members are able to upgrade their plan whenever they choose to do so.

All info was correct at time of publishing