Liberty Medical Scheme

South Africans have a wide variety of medical plans to choose from, which is why the task can feel quite daunting. The Liberty Medical Scheme is the country’s fourth largest open scheme and it was created when Liberty Health Medical Scheme merged with Medicover Medical Scheme.

It provides a range of options from full comprehensive medical cover to entry level hospital plans. This is to accommodate a range of budgets, lifestyles and health conditions to cater to members throughout their different life stages.


Medical health service provider

This medical health service provider begins 2013 with a solvency rate of 27%, which is more than the recommended 25%, and membership which sits just below 137 000.

In the past year they have launched a variety of new products which have increased to 11 the number of Liberty Medical Schememedical scheme options they offer. Among these is a top-end product which was created to appeal to more financially secure members.

The Prestige Plan comes with a higher price tag but it provides members with a greater range of benefits and increased services.



Cost of health plans with Liberty Medical Scheme:

  • The Prestige Plan – principal member R4 487


  • The Complete Option:

– Platinum Complete – principal member R3 476

-Titan – principal member R1 889

-Titan Select – principal member R1 637


  • The Saver Option:

-Platinum Saver – principal member R2 036

-Gold Saver – principal member R1 534

-Gold Saver Select – principal member R1 329


  • The Hospital Option:

-Platinum Focus – principal member R1 666

-Gold Focus – principal member R1 164

-Gold Focus Select – principal member R1 048


  • Managed Network Option

-Bona Plus – principal member R1 215


Choosing a medical aid

One of the most important aspects when choosing a medical aid is to look at the health care benefits that you’ll be entitled to as a paying member. With Liberty Medical Scheme you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Accidental trauma cover from your first day as a member
  • An expanded number of day procedures are covered
  • There is preventative care cover to help identify potential risk factors
  • Admission to hospital requires no payment but there are terms and conditions
  • In-hospital dental procedures are covered
  • Substantial cover for MRI Scans and CAT Scans
  • Extreme sports are covered
  • HIV/Aids treatment
  • Supportive oncology cover for a year after undergoing active treatment
  • After crime trauma you’re covered for rehabilitation and/or counselling


Benefits and contributions

It’s important to weigh up the benefits you’ll receive against your monthly contributions before you decide which health insurance package you think will best suit your needs.

These contributions can consume a significant portion of your income and so many people pay these monthly dues begrudgingly, particularly when they are in good health.

Don’t wait until you are sick to look for medical health cover, investigate the costs involved and choose a plan that’s appropriate for your lifestyle and budget. Make sure that you and your family have adequate medical care for those unforeseen circumstances.