Clever People Choose the Profmed Medical Scheme

The Profmed medical scheme is for those professionals who managed to obtain the minimum of a four-degree from a university. These individuals will be offered exclusive and affordable cover in exchange for their monthly premium. The benefits offered by Profmed come with outstanding services and professional attention to detail, and the best part is that it is affordable.

Eligible students can also benefit from this medical aid because of the low rates. So they don’t have to fret about paying for their studies and wondering where the money will come from to pay for medical aid.  The vision of Profmed medical scheme is to adequately meet the healthcare needs of professional graduates and students.

Profmed Medical Scheme – High Quality, Affordable Cover

Once you have applied to Profmed, you will be subject to Profmed’s eligibility process. There are certainly many reasons why you should choose Profmed as your medical scheme. First of all, it is the biggest restricted medical aid in South Africa for the professional. What it offers is very high quality and affordable cover. This medical cover is tailored to suit the professional’s lifestyle. Profmed medical scheme also offers stable financial solvency levels that exceed the statutory requirements.

Profmed Medical Scheme – Different Scheme Options

Profmed Medical SchemeThe scheme offers five different types of options which are suitable for all members, depending on their different individual and financial needs. These are:

  • ProPinnacle Option – It offers full hospital cover as well as private ward cover day-to-day, plus comprehensive chronic cover. There is a tariff rate cover of 300% for GP and specialist visits.
  • ProSecure Plus – It offers maternity benefits with private ward rates. There is full in-hospital cover and cover against chronic diseases and day-to-day expenses. There is a tariff rate cover of 200% for in-hospital specialist and GP visits.
  • ProSecure – It offers comprehensive cover for in hospital care. Also included are chronic and day-to-day benefits. There is also cover over prescribed minimum benefits.
  • ProActive Plus – It provides cover for the minimum prescribed benefits and also in-hospital benefits. There is a tariff rate cover of 200% for in-hospital specialist and GP visits.
  • ProActive – this is a very affordable option offering full in-hospital benefits with prescribed minimum benefits.


Profmed Medical Scheme – Why Profmed?

Following are just some of the excellent reasons to join Profmed medical aid:

  • unlimited hospital cover
  • care on day-to-day benefits if you are on the ProActive hospital option
  • there are co-payments or deposits for admittance to hospital
  • there is an optional Multiply Wellness Programme (optional)
  • you get 24-hour post-trauma benefits, with counselling provided and also HIV post-exposure covering
  • there are 26 chronic diseases covered on all the options and also additional chronic as well as DTP conditions, depending on your option
  • there is a Sabbatical benefit without underwriting on return to South Africa, This is as long as there has been no deterioration in your health
  • oncology plus other dreaded diseases, covered on all the options. There is also preventative care for the detection of dreaded diseases
  • oral contraceptives on all the options
  • medical assistance on international travel
  • maternity benefits


Profmed Medical Scheme – Join up for Benefits

There are other benefits as well – all you have to do to join Profmed medical scheme is to apply online. You can complete a hard copy if you like, and submit to fax 012 679 4439 or you can e-mail your application to Remember to include all your necessary documentation.


All info was correct at time of publishing