Spectramed Medical Aid Options Introduce Next Generation Health Cover

Spectramed medical aid options are trademarked “Next Generation”, combining traditional healthcare cover with hybrid and savings-orientated medical schemes.

Spectramed offers a choice of benefit and funding options that are versatile and comprehensive.
The medical scheme was founded more than half a century ago, originally as a restricted scheme for the South African printing industry. It became a commercial open scheme in 1997. Spectramed Medical Scheme is owned by its members, and it is the members that appoint the Board of Trustees that runs the scheme.

There are five Spectramed medical aid options for members to choose from. These options range from entry-level to elite plans offering generous benefits.

Five Spectramed Medical Aid Options

The five plans offered by Spectramend are:

  1. Spectra Aqua
  2. Spectra Cyan
  3. Spectra Capri
  4. Spectra Azure
  5. Spectra Cobalt

Spectramed New Generation MembersThe names of the five plans are all a reflection of colours in the printing industry, which is where the medical scheme started.

Spectra Aqua is the best of the Spectramed medical aid options for those who have never had healthcare cover previously.It is also ideal for those who want a plan that primarily provides in-hospital cover. Generally those who choose this above the other Spectramed medical aid options are young fit and healthy individuals or couples. In addition to hospital benefits, major medical and chronic conditions also have a certain amount of cover.

Spectra Cyan Is the best of Spectramed medical aid options when it comes to value-for-money, and is particularly popular with young, healthy members. It features cover for major medical expenses (with an overall limit), as well as benefits for day-to-day basics, including optical fees. There is cover for chronic conditions as well as a savings account that caters for day-to-day medical and health-related expenses.

Spectramed New Generation MembersSpectra Capri is another of the Spectramed medical aid options that appeals to healthy members. It offers comprehensive hospital cover along with a number of other benefits that cover hospital expenses.Health screening[http://www.heartfoundation.co.za/does-hsfsa-do-screenings-do-you-participate-health-dayswellness-events] benefits are also included, and 27 chronic conditions are covered.

Spectra Azure is the most popular of all the Spectramed medical aid options. In addition to unlimited in-hospital cover, it offers cover for dental costs as well as various day-to-day expenses. There is also cover for more than 27 chronic conditions.

While the previous Spectramed medical aid options are ideal for couples and individuals, this option is perfect for families who realize that their medical needs are likely to be growing. A saving account is part of this plan.

Spectra Cobalt is considered top of the range of all the Spectramed medical aid options. It has the best benefits, and caters to people who are looking for comprehensive cover across the board. It is ideal for people who have substantial medical and healthcare needs and for those who are looking for additional benefits relating to specialised dentistry, optical care and screening benefits.

Of all the Spectramed medical aid options, Spectra Cobalt has the most generous savings account for day-to-day medical expenses. It covers 27 chronic conditions as well as 14 chronic disease list (CDL+) conditions.