Suremed Medical Aid Options Focus on Effective Medical Care

Operated by Suremed Health, Suremed medical aid options cater for a wide range of needs, all of which are aimed at effective medical care for everybody living in South Africa. The medical scheme was founded in 1976, which makes it one of the oldest schemes [] in the country.

There are four benefit options, all of which vary in terms monthly payments, including a traditional option and a comprehensive option. Families, individuals and people of varying income groups are all likely to find one or other option suitable.

The Four Suremed Medical Aid Options

Suremed Medical Aid OptionsAll four of the Suremed medical aid options are subject to the same basic Suremed rules. However, each of the options is also described in detail so that members know what the differences are. The different options are the:

1.    Challenger
2.    Navigator
3.    Shuttle Options
4.    Explorer

When deciding which of the Suremed medical aid options is best suited to your needs, you should have some idea of what you and/or your family requirements are. While there are quite a few similarities in terms of what the options offer, there are also substantial differences.


Of all the Suremed medical aid options, Challenger is the most traditional choice. Very popular with people who earn a good monthly income, it is a comprehensive plan that offers extensive major medical benefits without annual limits. Day-to-day benefits are limited to an extent.


Navigator is also one of the Suremed medical aid options that has extensive major medical benefits, however it has lower annual limits set for treating some conditions including organ failure and cancer. While there are no annual limits for Navigator, it offers lower day-to-day benefits than the previous one.

Of all the Suremed medical aid options it is most popular with executives and professionals as well as better-paid labourers and others who are generally considered to be “blue collar workers”.

Shuttle Options

For those looking for Suremed medical aid options that provide extensive hospital cover, the Shuttle Options are very worthwhile. Major medical benefits are also available via the Suremed “preferred provider network”, as are out-of-hospital benefits.

In terms of the choice of Suremed medical aid options, this is the obvious one for those who are happy to use a good quality network.


Explorer is the other one of the two Suremed medical aid options that offers benefits that are delivered via the Suremed network of preferred providers. It is a good option for comprehensive major medical care that is combined with essential day-to-day benefits.

All the services provided for members opting for the Explorer medical aid plan are supplied by the Prime Cure network, except for hospitals and specialists that have separate lists. When it comes to hospitalisation, the medical scheme will cover hospitals that belong to the Netcare group of hospitals that have facilities throughout South Africa. Then there is a list of “preferred provider specialists” that members have access to if they want these services to be covered by the medical aid.

The Prime Cure network used by specified Suremed medical aid options comprises general practitioners (GPs), dental practitioners, pharmacies and optometrists. These provide an excellent medical and health care service which blue collar workers in particular appreciate.