Discovery Medical Aid Options Offer Health Benefits

Apart from offering medical aid plans, Discovery options include rich health features and benefits aimed at keeping members well and healthy. This is in keeping with a worldwide trend towards health and wellness , with an increasing number of people making lifestyle choices that help avoid illness and disease.

Discovery options also enable its members to save on all sorts of health and wellness products, even on stem cell banking, which is a relatively new and innovative medical technology. The company also give members the opportunity to join its Vitality programme, that actively rewards all who lead a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s the food you buy, or the exercise programme you choose to join.

Discovery Family Medical Aid OptionsIn addition, Discovery medical aid options boast monthly medical plan contributions that are up to 14 percent lower than the payments levied by other medical aid schemes. And they have a free Discovery app for smart phones that helps maximise the benefits of any of the health plans or Discovery options you choose.

Six Discovery Options Cater For Different Medical Scheme Needs

There are six different Discovery medical aid options, some of which incorporate both in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. But that’s not where it ends. Most of the Discovery medical aid options offer further options regaring the monthly contributions that must be paid. These are, in turn linked to the exact amount of cover you can expect to get. This affords an enormous variety of choice overall.

The six basic Discovery medical aid option sare:

  • Executive Plan
  • Comprehensive Series
  • Priority Series
  • Saver Series
  • Core Series
  • KeyCare Series



Discovery OptionsThe Executive Plan is Discovery’s elite medical aid scheme that provides the best benefits possible. It includes unlimited private hospital cover in private wards; full cover of specialists; full chronic medication cover; access to specialised medical care in South Africa and other countries; and medical emergency cover when travelling. There is also additional cover available for doctors and other medical costs when medical savings accounts run dry. This medical aid plan also offers the highest savings account benefits. There is only one monthly contribution option.


The Comprehensive Series provides extensive cover both for hospital care and day-to-day medical expenses. Like The Executive Plan, private hospital cover is unlimited, there is access to advance medical care in SA and overseas, and there is cover for unexpected medical emergencies when you are travelling. Full cover is provided for all medicines required to treat all conditions on the official Chronic Disease List.  There are high savings benefits for this plan, although not quite as high as the previous option. Five monthly contribution options have this option.


The Priority Series also provides in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover with unlimited cover in private hospitals as well as full chronic medicine cover for conditions on the list. Medical emergencies while travelling are covered, and additional cover is available when medical savings run out. There are two contribution options.


The Saver Series is similar to the previous series plan, but hospital cover is not unlimited. There are five affordable payment options.


The Core Series is one of the most cost effective Discovery medical aid options, however it only covers in-hospital care (with full cover in private hospitals), and chronic medicine. Medical emergency cover is included and there are five monthly contribution options.


The KeyCare Series is the most affordable medical aid scheme offered by Discovery. Hospital care is unlimited, but must be through the KeyCare network. There is also unlimited cover for some doctor consultations and medicines, as well as X-rays and blood tests. There is “essential cover” for medicine on the Chronic Disease List.

Note that not all the benefits of the various Discovery medical aid options are included in the given descriptions.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the options thoroughly before making a decision. It is often best to discuss Discovery medical aid options with an experienced broker who can help you identify which medical aid scheme will suit you and your family best.


All info was correct at time of publishing