Bestmed Non Profit Mutual Medical Scheme

February 24, 2015

Bestmed mutual scheme, one of South Africa’s oldest medical schemes, is a quality healthcare provider that, as a non-profit company, negotiates with service providers to get high quality, cost-effective medical services for its members.

There are three different primary mutual scheme products from Bestmed. Each of these has a number of options that appeal to a particular market. These are:

  1. Beat
  2. Pace
  3. Pulse


Beat Plans from Bestmed Mutual Scheme

There are four Bestmed Beat options each of which has its own appeal:

  • Beat 1 is for single, ambitious people who are healthy but who care about their wellbeing and who tend to live a “dynamic lifestyle”, and who know that exorbitant hospital costs could floor them.
  • The Beat 2 Option is for couples who believe in preventative measures (flu vaccines and immunisations, contraception and so on). However, they know life is not predictable and there may be a need for extensive hospital cover and medical benefits.
  • Beat 3 takes life a step further, appealing to couples who are planning a family and need maternity cover along with preventative benefits and a plan that will cover unforeseen chronic problems and diseases.
  • the Beat 4 Option is similar to Beat 3 with some additions.

Bestmed Mutual Scheme Healthy Happy FamilyPace Medical Schemes from Bestmed

As you get older, you move from Beat to Pace options that appeal to families:

  • Pace 1 is for growing, healthy families that realise the need for extensive day-to-day medical aid cover and excellent hospital benefits. Preventative care is also important, along with chronic medicine cover.
  • Pace 2 is aimed at families that are “established” and need good freedom of choice when mom, dad or the kids need to see doctors or specialists, or if they have to go to hospital. There are also out-of-hospital benefits and extensive chronic benefit cover.
  • Pace 3 is for what Bestmed terms the “mature family” that values the rule that “prevention is better than cure” but needs comprehensive chronic medical benefits and the very best hospital cover. With this option, day-to-day medical benefits are funded from savings; once these are depleted, scheme risk benefits come into play.
  • Pace 4 is for the “discerning family” that quite often has above-average medical bills to pay. Benefits in this plan are extensive and there is also a medical savings account that adds flexibility

Bestmed LogoPulse Medical Schemes from Bestmed


  • Pulse 1 is for young individuals who need affordable options. This plan provides primary healthcare as well as private hospital cover from a network (CareCross and Netcare mostly). It includes travel cover and preventative care benefits as well comprehensive benefits that apply to hospitalisation as well as primary healthcare.
  • Pulse 2 is for healthy families who live a healthy lifestyle and making sure they have comprehensive healthcare cover when they need it. This is a value-for-money provider and hospital network (ONECARE and Netcare). There are additional benefits too, including preventative options.

Advantages of Bestmed Medical Schemes

While it depends on which Bestmed medical scheme you choose, but overall, the company states publicly that it prides itself on repaying close to 100 percent (99.2) of its claims within 15 days. It also points out that its reserve ration (which it could need to pay your bills) is “well above” the 25 percent legal requirement.

In addition, there is also a good system of benefit management. These include pharmaceuticals, hospitals, oncology, dialysis, HIV/AIDS, radiology and Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) cover.

Support is also strong and Bestmed has programmes for:

  • Spinal rehabilitation
  • Babies (there’s a “Bestbaby” programme)
  • Private nursing and specialised wound care
  • Prosthesis, medical apparatus, appliances and supports
  • Designated Service Provider




All info was correct at time of publishing