Discovery Health Offers Savings, Rewards, Benefits and Technological Advantages

Discovery Health offers a wide range of plans. Discovery, South Africa’s largest medical aid, boasts more than R11 billion in reserves, and a top notch AA+ credit rating for covering claims. For this reason it is able to offer enormous benefits, savings, rewards and even technological advantages.

Discovery introduced the cost-saving benefit, HealthyCare, in 2015. It offers cash back and loyalty points on specific items from specified outlets, just as HealthyFood and HealthyGear do .

Discovery Health OffersWhat Discovery Health Offers

Yes, the cover you receive from any medical aid company is paramount. However, it is the monthly contribution costs that impact on ones daily life. Of course your age, state of health, number of dependants, and lifestyle will all affect your payments. Yet Discovery medical aid boasts contributions that are up to 14 percent lower than other local medical aid schemes. This represents a substantial saving to most people.

You can get a quote from a broker, or you can apply for a quotation online via the company’s website.
But it isn’t just contribution costs that Discovery minimizes; the company also enables members to save on healthy products as well as specialized, awe-inspiring stem cell storage.

By shopping at Dis-Chem or Clicks, you can identify products that are specified as HealthyCare items. These will earn you 10 percent “cash back”. These range from chronic care and clinical services, to selected fitness devices and products sold for fitness and wellbeing.

Stem cell technology is growing fast, offering enormous hope in “regenerative medicine”  worldwide, including South Africa. To enable its members to benefit from the technology, Discovery Health has partnered with the continent’s leading cryogenic biobank and stem cell laboratory, Netcells Biosciences, and offers a 20 to 25 percent discount on stem cell storage and cryopreservation of semen.

The Discovery Vitality Scheme Rewards Members for Healthy Living

Established as a leading science-based programme that promotes wellness, Vitality rewards Discovery members who stay fit and healthy, eat correctly, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Discovery Health OffersBy buying products identified as HealthyFood at Woolworths or Pick ‘n Pay, members can get as much as 25 percent cash back on purchases. Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports also offer cash back incentives of up to 25 percent for items identified as HealthyGear.

Weight Watchers SA and Weigh-Less offer Vitality members a 30 percent discount on membership fees; and Virgin Active and Planet Fitness offer an amazing 80 percent off monthly gym fees. Other fitness organisations including Run Walk for Life also offer discounts to Vitality members. In addition, Vitality members get thousands of extra points when they enter Discovery’s walk and/or run competitions.

Vitality members also get rewarded with travel incentives including up to 35 percent discount on both local and international flights and as much as 25 percent on South African car hire. Selected holiday accommodation comes with discounts of up to 50 percent.

Expect Benefits From the Networks Offered by Discovery Health

Discovery medical aid prides itself on the benefits it offers to members. In addition to shops where you can buy healthy food and fitness items, and organisations that encourage you to get fit, if you buy your spectacle frames and lenses from an optometrist in the Discovery network, you will save yourself 20 percent – and the list is huge.
The full cover choice when using networks helps to avoid co-payments.

What Discovery Health Offers in Technology

In addition to website backup provided 24/7, health plans are also kept up-to-date with customized apps designed for all smartphones, android and Apple. It’s like having your own personal assistant on tap.

All info was correct at time of publishing