Bonitas Dubbed South Africa’s Most Generous Medical Aid

Bonitas has a stated aim to provide the country’s most generous medical aid benefits. It also offers “real value for money” for its members. The company caters for a cross section of the population from all walks of life, and of all ages.

Bonitas is the largest “alternative open medical scheme” in South Africa. The scheme has been around for more than three decades, and offers a healthy AA- global credit rating and excellent solvency rate.

Open medical schemes are open to all South Africans who are able to pay for membership, while restricted medical aids cater for specialist groups, including people who work in particular industries or who have certain qualifications.

Medical Aid Options from Bonitas

Bonitas Happy FamilyRecognising that people have different needs, Bonitas has seven medical plans, each offering its own solutions:

  1. BonComprehensive – the premium product from Bonitas, that has exclusive benefits for all ages
  2. BonClassic – defined as one of the company’s “most generous” options, this one offers superior hospital and day-to-day benefits
  3. Standard – a popular family option that is affordable but still offers top-quality benefits
  4. Primary – a product that focuses on routine health checks and emergencies, together with cover for legislated Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  5. BonSave – a flexible plan that incorporates savings, and also offers quite extensive cover for hospitals
  6. BonEssential – designed for healthy people and families who rely on medical aid cover for emergencies; the main thrust is quality hospital care at an affordable price
  7. BonCap – Bonitas’ entry-level medical aid option that gives members access to hospitals and network service providers; contributions are based on the income of pensioners


The Bonitas  International Travel Benefit

Bonitas Medical SchemeAvailable as an extra with all medical aid options except BonCap, the Bonitas International Travel Benefit is operated by service provider,Europ Assistance SA. It is ideal in the event of medical emergencies especially when travelling abroad. That is whether these emergencies require repatriation to South Africa, or treatment in a foreign country. There is some emergency dental cover.

This international travel benefit does not cover any search and rescue operations that may be necessary if the member plays sport; and it doesn’t cover sports that utilise parachutes.There are also limitations in terms of pregnancy and childbirth.

Bonitas Managed Care and Risk Management

Bonitas has strategies and interventions in place to minimise its financial risk, for instance by identifying members who could become a high risk to the company – including those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and other medical conditions.

Anyone has a high or medium risk illness who is in a programme to help improve their health, for instance by taking prescribed medicine regularly, by eating healthy food, exercising on a regular basis, and by generally making healthy lifestyle choices.

The Bonitas Back Rehabilitation Programme

This is a proactive and holistic managed-care programme that was developed to support the health – and ultimately the lives – of members who suffer from neck and back conditions. Those who qualify are invited to join the programme that offers clinically appropriate treatment that is also cost effective.

Ultimately the company’s aim is to help its members become and stay healthy.




All info was correct at time of publishing