Topmed Medical Aid Has Protected South Africans for 40 Years

To be registered in South Africa, a medical scheme, such as Topmed medical aid,has to comply with the Medical Schemes Act No. 131 of 1998.  This act sets out criteria stipulating that the medical aid must be financially sound, it must have sufficient members and it must be non-discriminatory.

Medical aids South Africa

Medical aids in South Africa, such as Bestmed, Discovery Health, Topmed medical aid and Medshield medical aid, are accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes, which publishes a list on its website of accredited schemes. This list is a useful starting point for a medical aid comparison. Seven million beneficiaries belong to more than 100 medical schemes in South Africa which together have annual contributions exceeding R55 million.

What is medical aid?

Happy Topmed Medical Aid FamilyA medical aid such as Topmed medical aid is a type of insurance, in which members and also often their employers pay regular contributions. The medical aid schemes then pool these contributions to use as a resource to pay the members’ medical expenses such as hospital, doctor, specialist and dentist bills, medicines and other medical services.

A board of trustees, of which 50% are members of the scheme, run a medical aid.  The trustees are responsible both for ensuring the scheme is run correctly and that the members and potential members receive sufficient information regarding rights and responsibilities of the member, and the benefits and required contributions. This information is vital for you to compare medical aids and select the most appropriate one for your needs.
A medical aidis a non-profit organisation (NPO)or a ‘Section 21 Company’ and therefore has no shareholders and does not distribute its profits. Any profit a medical aid makes must be carried forward to the next year and can only be spent on the medical aid’s operations.

Topmed medical scheme

Topmed medical aid was established more than 40 years ago to provide healthcare options tailored to professionals.

Topmed Medical AidTopmed medical aid offers a choice of five plans, including healthcare solutions for the SME (small, medium enterprises)sector looking for plans that will accommodate a range of employee levels, as well as for professionals who require good, affordable health cover. Topmed medical aid solutions therefore include Traditional, Professional option and Topmed Active Saver options. Hospital cover and a very affordable Network plan are very suitable for the student sector. This entry level Network Option provides comprehensive cover, including a private hospital of choice, from as little as R720 per month.

All of the Topmed medical aid options offer complete cover at private hospitals and major medical interventions.

TheTopmed medical aid Hospital Plan covers benefits in hospital at a rate of 150%.

TheTopmed medical aid Maternity Benefit, covers a set number of ante-natal classes and consultations, as well as other pregnancy treatment such as scans, and vitamins.

Topmed medical aid offers a Wellness Benefit on three of its plans, the Professional, Savings and Hospital options, as well as a benefit that covers treatment over a longer period of time on all options except the Network Option.
Topmed medical aid sends a claims advice at the end of each month so members can ensure that their Topmed claims have been processed. The Topmed medical aid contact details can be found on their website.