Spectramed Protects Against Financial Illness

There is more to life than constantly worrying about how you are going to pay for the physical and emotional care you may need. By investing in an affordable medical aid such as Spectramed, you can make a considerable difference to your state of mind. This is because with a medical aid you will have the means to help you cope financially with an illness or injury. You will be able to cope with all the extra costs you’ll face if you land up in hospital.

SpectramedUppermost in anybody’s mind when they are sick or injured is a quick recovery unhindered by all the stress about money. The Spectramed Hospital Plan is ideal if you can’t afford comprehensive medical aid. Compare the benefits of their plan against what other hospital plan can offer. As a registered medical aid scheme, Spectramed covers a lot.

Medical Aids in South Africa

With a medical aid South Africa, you will get plans that will protect you against massive medical costs.  Hospitalisation policies pay you a daily rate while you are in hospital. There are other medical aids which will pay a specific amount based on the cost of an operation. This is why it is important to do research. You want to find the medical aid which is both affordable and comes with benefits that suit your lifestyle.

South Africa has many medical aids to choose from. These medical aids can be either open- or restricted. The open medical aids accept anyone while the restricted medical aid is for certain groups of people. SpectraMed is a reputable open medical scheme where members have been able to benefit from their professional services.

Other medical aids which provide the same healthcare services are Bonitas and Discovery Health Medical Aid. The best medical aids in South Africa such as Momentum Medical Aid and Medihelp have excellent solvency ratios. This means you can be sure your claims will be paid out. The Council for Medical schemes has set the medical schemes solvency ratio at 25% and just like Genesis Medical Aid, Spectramed’s solvency level is above 25% with strong financial reserves. This means members can enjoy long term quality medical cover from SpectraMed. The medical aid has partnered with Agility, who are a global healthcare solutions company. This company specialises in medical scheme and health fund administration, ensuring Spectramed claims will be streamlined.

Spectramed Medical Aid Choices

Spectramed’s goal is to provide its members with unique, affordable medical aid choices which will suit their  healthcare requirements. These healthcare benefits include extensive benefits for day to day expenses, a medical saving schemes and hospitalisation cover.

SpectraMed healthcare optionsSpectramed New Generation Members include Spectra Cobalt, Capri,  Cyan, Azure and Spectra Aqua. Spectra Cobalt for instance is their plan which offers members the best benefits, providing comprehensive cover. Spectra Capri on the other hand is a far more affordable option. It provides hospital cover for those who are healthy and who won’t require a visit to the doctor every other day.

Just like Discovery Medical Aid, Spectramed also has a loyalty and rewards programme which offers health and lifestyle benefits. Discovery Health’s programme is Vitality, while Spectramed has 3 programmes. Zurreal is their free, entry-level programme and Zurreal Gold and Zurreal Platinum are the other two. These programmes reward members richly for taking care of their health.

Affordable Medical Aid

People all over the world are facing the rising costs of medical care. When you are in need of emergency medical treatment, you may be prevented by receiving it if you don’t have the money. Ensure you and your loved ones have access to quality, affordable medical aid. Having affordable medical treatment when you desperately need it is like having a well stocked survival kit. As a Next Generation medical scheme, Spectramed understands that when people are looking at ways to reduce costs, an affordable medical aid brings the most relief.



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