Resomed the Affordable and Innovative Choice

Resomed is a medical aid founded on principles that proof to be accountable, transparent and sustainable. Resolution health is one of the favourite health care providers in South Africa, due to affordable prices offered. The financial stability that Resomed has shown over several years, just add to peace of mind for all members. As member of Resomed, you know that in the case of a medical emergency, you are covered.

Medical aids in South Africa

There are two types of healthcare systems in South Africa: public- or state providers – and private providers. Either people who can pay for services from their own pocket or people who belong to a medical aid use private providers or hospitals.

ResomedMedical aids can be divided in two categories: open and closed. Open providers such as Discovery medical aid,Momentum medical aid, Momentum medical aid, Resomed, Genesis medical aid and Liberty medical aid allows any one of the public to join. The medical aid South Africa offers, is tailored to each individual and family’s need. Therefore, it is possible to have cheap medical aid cover in case of a medical emergency.

Closed medical aids have restriction and only certain members of the public qualify according to a few criteria. Amedical aid board known as the Council for Medical Schemes, regulates all medical aids, including Resomed and Discovery Health medical aid, the largest open medical scheme in South Africa.

What is Resomed?

Resomed is a medical scheme that provides members with medical cover. Resomed looks at health cover in a holistic manner.As human beings, you have to care for the mind, body, and spirit, and this is what Resomed does.

Resolution Health OptionsWith a holistic approach, you will not only feel good and stay healthier for longer, but it will save you money, since, your trips to the doctors and pharmacy will be less.With Resomed, you automatically qualify for the Zurreal loyalty and lifestyle program. When you pay your contributions each month, you know that you are paying for a provider that wants to keep you healthy.

Resomed offers different plans with different options. This includes the International Travel Cover. If you frequently have to travel abroad, this cover is something to consider.

Medical insurance vs medical aid

There is a difference between a medical insurance and a medical aid.

Medical insurance

•    Regulated by the long term Insurance Act
•    Governed by Finance Service Board (FSB)
•    May be used in conjunction with a medical aid as a gap cover to cover any short falls
•    Health Insurance cover stated benefits directly to the Insured
•    PMB’s may or may not be covered
•    Included is Personal Accident risk cover in regards to disability, limb loss and dread diseases

Medical aid

•    Medical Aid is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act, 1998
•    Governed by the Council for Medical Schemes
•    Often medical aids have shortfalls due to the difference between NHRPL and SAMA rates
•    Day-to-day benefits paid according to the National Recommended Price (NHRPL)
•    By law, the Medical Aid Schemes must offer PMBs (prescribed minimum benefits)
•    Personal Accident disability and loss of limbs cover not included