SAB Medical Aid is the Wise Decision

SAB Medical aid is an affordable medical aid that is reliable and trustworthy. SAB Medical Aid is administrated by Metropolitan Health Corporate and can be classified as a closed medical aid. SA Breweries medical aid makes the life of their members easier during a medical emergency. Or even during a simple routine check-up.

Medical aids in South Africa

There are plenty of medical aids, like Momentum Health and Bonitas medical aid,that can be considered some of the best and cheapest medical aids. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best medical aid, the cheapest medical aid might cost you more. Some medical aids offer-limited day-to- day benefits that you might have to pay from your own pocket. A medical aid such as Liberty medical aid and SAB medical aid, offers a very good hospital plan. They also offer different plans that offers a variety of options regarding day-to-day benefits.


SAB Medical Aid SchemeWhom SAB medical aid serves

SAB Medical aid is a closed medical aid. So membership is only available to employees and their families who work for the SA Breweries. SAB Medical aid understands that medical trauma can have an emotional impact on one’s life and family. So they make it better if you have adequate medical aid. No one wants to stress about paying medical bills while you or a loved one is hospital or under medical care.

There is another reason why SAB medical aid is among restricted medical aids. There is no up-front payment, since SAB medical aid has partnered with specialists. When you think about it, you get cheap medical aid with SAB medical aid, but without compromising on quality of service.

There are two Plans a member can consider that will give medical cover when needed. The SAB Essential Plan and the SAB Comprehensive Plan. The SAM Comprehensive Plan is offers major hospital benefits, mental health, dentistry, and chronic medication.

Medical aid vs hospital plan from an insurance company

There is a difference between a hospital plan from a medical aid and a hospital plan form an insurance company. That is because there are several differences between medical aids and insurance companies. A medical aid like SAB medical aid, are provided by non-profit organisations and governed by the Council for Medical Schemes. Health insurance are provided by for-profit companies and governed by the Financial Services Board.

SAB Medical AidWhen looking at a hospital plan from a medical aid like SAB medical aid, you can be rest assured that over 300 of the most serious conditions are covered though a PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefit). This includes 27 chronic conditions, cancer, as well as emergencies. The Medical Act of1998, does not allow any discrimination towards anyone who wants to join a medical aid, including SAB medical aid, in regards to age, gender, or current state of health. You cannot be denied membership if you have a pre-existing condition according to the Act.

A hospital plan from an insurance company only pays a fix amount, no matter what the levies might be of the doctors, dentists and other providers or healthcare services.




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