AECI Medical Aid for AECI Employees

AECI medical aid provides for over thousand members that have put their trust in a solid and financially stable cover. AECI medical aid is a closed medical aid for AECI employees.

Medical aids in SA

There are over 100 medical aid medical aids and AECI medical aid is one of them. However, there are many medical aids. So it might be hard to find the cheapest medical aid that is perfect for your lifestyle. At the same time it must meet your medical requirements.

AECI Medical AidThe best way is to compare medical aid quotes. All medical aids provide hospital cover, but the real comparison will come down to what is offered regarding day-to-day benefits. You might want to consider the following. What hospitals do you have to use? What are the maternity and oncology benefits and chronic medication cover?

The Medical Schemes Act of 1998,a legislation that protect members against medical schemes, established a medical aid council that is responsible for promoting the interest of medical aid members as well as medical aids like AECI medical aid.

Open and restricted medical aids

When thinking of joining a cheap medical aid, you have to distinguish between open and closed medical aids. Open medial aids like Discovery medical aid, Genesis medical aid,Liberty medical aid and Momentum Health have no restrictions and any-one in South Africa may join. The only criteria you have to keep in mind, is that you have to be older than 18 years, must have the income to pay fees each month and you can only be a member of one medical aid. If you are thinking of switching to another medical aid, you have to inform the current medical aid of whom you are a member.

Closed medical aids such as AECI medical aid and Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme, only allows certain members to join. You have to be part of a company, trade, association, or union.

AECI Medical AidAlthough it is compulsory for certain employees to be a member of the specific medical aid chosen by the employer, as in the case of AECI medical aid members, there are many benefits that will be less expensive for the employee. When you become a member of a medical aid chosen by your employer, you do not pay the whole
fee, but the employer contributes towards medical aid payments. Many times the employee is able to afford a higher medical plan with more comprehensive benefits.

If you are not sure whether a medical aid is classified as open or closed ,this list of medical aids may come in handy.

About AECI medical aid

AECI medical aid is a closed medical aid an only the employees of AECI may join. Medscheme administrates the AECI medical aid and it is easy to manage and control your benefits. Your log in benefits allow you to down load all the benefits used as well as the benefits still available. You are able to down load a copy of your tax certificate and membership certificate when needed and you are able to request chronic medication authorisation online before paying for something out of your pocket unnecessarily.



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