Bestmed Hospital Plan Healthy Alternative

February 2, 2015

Bestmed hospital plan covers many valued members because it is the best hospital plan with the most flexibility.

Hospital plans in South Africa

Bestmed Hospital PlanIt is of the utmost importance to understand what a hospital plan is and what it covers and ultimately, do not cover. A hospital plan, like Bestmed hospital plan, is  more affordable than a comprehensive medical plan. But it does not cover out-of-hospital costs.

If you have to visit a specialist, GP, or buy medicine, you  pay for it out of your own pocket. If you have to use chronic medication or if you are very ill and need a bag full of medication, it can be costly.In the case of children, you might want to consider an alternative plan from Bestmed medical aid as to only a Bestmed hospital plan.

A hospital plan is a concept that is fairly new to South Africa and medical aids such as Discovery Health,Momentum Health and Bestmed offer cheap hospital plans to suit any client’s need. Compare the hospital plans form these medical aid providers with Fedhealth hospital plan and Liberty hospital plan to make sure that it covers all medical needs, including treatment for cancer or any other specification you might have. If you are at a loss on what decision to make regarding a hospital plan, a hospital plan advisor will be able to guide you.

About Bestmed medical scheme

Bestmed Hospital PlanBestmed is seen as one of the largest open medical schemes. For over 50 years, Bestmed has been providing medical cover to South Africans. The amount of members has grown to 193000, which just goes to show that Bestmed and Bestmed hospital plan provides a service that thousands of people approve of. According to legal requirement, medical aids have to pay back25% of all claims. Bestmed pays back 99.2%. Within in 15 days of submitting a claim, you know you will get a response.

When you choose to become a member of Bestmed, you have the advantage of choosing from nine health plans.

What the Bestmed hospital plan offers

If you want a hospital plan that is flexible but still delivers on quality service, you need to look what Bestmed hospital plan has to offer.

The Beat Range is the plan in Bestmed medical aid that offers the best hospital plan. The Beat Range boasts three options:

Beat1 – If you are healthy and seldom visit a doctor, this will be the ideal plan for you. This Bestmed hospital plan offers full in-hospital cover. In addition, it also covers flu vaccines and oral contraceptives.

Beat2- Covers a 100% in-hospital accommodation as well as theatre fees. This plan is perfect for members who look after their health. Therefore it has the option to receive a flu vaccine, immunisation, as well as contraceptives. This plan works ideally for small families.

Beat3 – If you want to start a family, the Beat 3 Bestmed hospital plan, will provide adequate maternity cover benefits.

Bestmed hospital plan has been formulated with all individual needs in mind. Whether you are single and healthy or have a small family, you know that your medical emergencies are covered should you or your family be admitted to hospital due to the Bestmed hospital plan.




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