Embark on a Lifestyle Revolution Now!

Healthy living through exercise and good eating habits need not be a tedious and unbearable experience. The New Year is often the time when people start thinking about their health and wellness. They come up with many a resolution too. But the will to stay on your healthy living course loses some of that drive when the day-to-day challenges of your everyday life start taking precedence.

It’s time to take a stand, be fit, healthy, happier and cope better with daily living…be the leader of your own lifestyle revolution!

Burn off the Blues

 New Year's ResolutionEveryone is telling you to exercise – to lose weight, become ripped to give you that perfect beach body, as well as to keep your heart in working order. Of course those are all great goals, but is anyone telling you that exercise just makes you feel good?  We all enjoy seeing the physical gains, but working out can benefit every aspect of your life. Don’t believe us? Take a look below:

•        Resolution – Exercise Changes Your Mood

Some of the great mental benefits of exercise are: less stress, a boost in self-confidence, sharper memory and reduced anxiety – who would pass up a chance to have all of those good feelings?

•         Resolution – Combat Stress and Anxiety

Hard day at work? Go for a brisk walk, run or hit the gym – go on, build up a sweat! Studies have shown that exercise helps the body releases chemical endorphins, which act as a de-stressor.  Burning calories also helps calm anxiety. Anxiety can affect every area of your life. Medication is usually prescribed to control it, but if you want to manage it naturally, then physical activity is the answer!

•        Resolution – Improve Your Self-confidence

Do you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with what you see? Low self-confidence impacts how you feel both at work and at play, and can even cause depression and anxiety.
The simple answer: Burn up those calories!

•         Your body burns calories even after you finished your workout!

•         For every 100 calories burned, you’ll burn an extra 15 calories after your workout!

•         This will help you maintain a healthy weight and increase self-confidence

•         Remember to have short-term and long term goals!

Short-term goals are great! But, also sit down and think about what you would like to see an improvement in a year from now. In just one year you could be:

•         Stronger than you ever thought

•         Burning fat at a higher rate

•         Keeping your blood pressure stable

•         Feeling incredible!

•         Sharpen your memory

Time to finally beat your friends at board and word games! Regular physical exercise increases your memory and breaking into a sweat, from pushing your body, even increases the cell production that’s used for learning. So, no more forgetting where you left your car-keys, or that one password you hardly ever use.

Dr. Russell Thomson, from Hello Doctor, adds that the mental benefits of exercising are remarkable.  “You feel good doing it, and even better afterwards.   It can become addictive, in a positive and healthy way!” Keeping active is a two-punch combo for physical and mental success. It’s time to burn off the blues and rev up your workout!

HealthReturns programme

ResolutionWith all those good reasons to get physically active, Momentum Health members have additional financial rewards to look forward to with the  Momentum HealthReturns programme – the perfect fitness partner, that only requires you to  :

•         Do one health assessment per year (paid for by the scheme) to check your levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI.

•         Complying with prescribed treatment: this is only required if your health assessment reveals any elevated levels that require chronic treatment.

•         Physical activity: this can be done through various ways, including a 6-monthly fitness assessment, gym visits or pedometer steps – and best part is, the more active you are, the more rewards you can earn.

Damian McHugh, head of Momentum Health Marketing and Sales concludes: “HealthReturns is an innovative approach to healthcare funding – it puts you, as the member in control and it does not cost anything. It only makes sure that you are rewarded in the best way possible: through your pocket and also your good health.”, he concludes.

Need more advice about your New Year’s resolution?

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