How to find affordable medical cover

It is interesting to note how most people change their entire set of values and priorities when disease strikes a member of the family or when a serious accident occurs. They completely overlook affordable medical cover.

When disaster happens, suddenly nothing matters more than the very best medical treatment. Sadly, those that do not enjoy medical cover will have to resort to the public health system. And there, due to the many constraints inherent to the system, patients may not necessarily receive prompt attention. So patients and their loved ones can’t decide upon the facility where the patient can get proper treatment or even which medical expert should deal with the case.

Get Affordable Medical Cover

It is vital to accept personal responsibility for medical expenses. And to do everything possible to ensure that the family has adequate cover. It is true that comprehensive cover can be expensive but the cost of How to Find Affordable Medical Covercover should be compared with the peace of mind knowing that the very best care is available when it is most needed.

Factors to consider when evaluating medical schemes

There is a myriad of plans available from a host of medical scheme service providers. Consumers find it difficult to choose between the various options. The following pointers may help:

Assessing Affordable Medical Cover

  • Bigger is not always better. Many plans offer extensive cover for unnecessary procedures and treatments. We recommend that each member of the family undergo an assessment of the probably medical needs of each of them. By foregoing certain benefits it may be possible to subscribe to a plan that will make provision for the most likely medical expenses. Of course, circumstances change and it is therefore vital to re-evaluate the cover from time to time.
  • Many medical scheme plans include a savings account. In some cases the medical aid carries over the funds in this account if it remains after a specific year. Other schemes do not carry unused funds to the next year. It is important to ask the scheme to explain how they manage unused benefits. Carried-over benefits can also lead to substantial savings in the long run.


More Criteria for Judging a Medical Aid

  • It is often better to use a medical broker. These professionals are well versed in the terms and conditions of the various plans. They can offer invaluable advice regarding the various options that will best serve the needs of a specific family. They also often act as intermediary between the medical scheme and the client, saving the client time and trouble.
  • It is best to select a plan that can be upgraded or downgraded as circumstances change. A rigid plan may necessitate an entirely new plan when circumstances demand it.
  • There are excellent websites that allow consumers to obtain quotations from different service providers. The quotations are based upon information provided by the consumer and the results are relatively easy to compare.
  • It is important to consider only those plans offered by reputable service providers such as Sanlam, Discovery Health and Old Mutual. These companies often offer better service and they have the financial wherewithal to honour claims promptly.



There can be no doubt that membership with a reputable medical scheme should be one of the highest priorities of any family. Access to quality medical treatment is far more important than almost any other item on the budget of the average family.


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