Discovery Executive Plan – the Best from the Best

January 16, 2015

Discovery is the best private health insurer in South Africa. And the Discovery executive plan is their top of the range plan.

Health care plans

Health care plans like Discovery executive plan are becoming more popular in South Africa. Importantly, this is due to the fact that medical treatment has become so costly. So people want cover against any unexpected medical emergency and associated costs.

In South Africa there are currently over 85 providers of medical schemes. Therefore you should be aware of the different types of health care plans. That is because one can easily confuse them with one another. And the Discovery executive plan is an example of a medical aid scheme.

Medical aid schemes

The main purpose of a medical aid plan like the Discovery Health medical aid plan is to cover your medical costs should you ever need private medical treatment. By joining a medical scheme, for instance the Discovery executive plan, you contribute a fixed monthly amount. So by doing this you are ensuring that the necessary funds are available to pay for medical treatment. Should you ever land in hospital or develop a serious medical condition, funds will be available.

Significantly, without a medical plan you could have to shoulder medical expenses that you are unable to afford. Many medical schemes such as Discovery medical aid and their Discovery executive plan also cover the cost of visiting your Doctor and the medicines he prescribes.

Every provider of a medical aid scheme is bound by law to provide cover for any emergency condition. They must also cover a limited number of 270 medical conditions, and 26 chronic conditions such as Cardiac Failure and Epilepsy.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is an insurance policy. Similar to the other types of health care plans, you will pay a monthly premium. This depends on the amount you want to be insured for should a medical situation arise. If you need medical care one day the insurance provider will reimburse you. The provider will cover these costs up to the limit specified in the policy. You may find however, that your medical costs have exceeded the amount you receive from your medical insurance provider. It is also always wise to get at least 3 medical insurance quotes for comparison purposes.

Hospital plan insurance

The purpose of hospital plan insurance is to provide you with an income if you should be unexpectedly hospitalised. You will still receive an income despite the fact that you are not able to work. The money paid out to you during your hospital stay can be used as decided by you. Perhaps you want to use it to pay for your medical expenses. Maybe your children’s school fees are due. You can relax knowing that your family will not suffer financially when you are in hospital.

Hospital plans

Discovery Executive PlanA hospital plan like the Discovery hospital plan is great for people who are healthy and do not need chronic medicines daily. A basic hospital plan will cover in-hospital expenses such as surgery. It will also cover the medication needed during your time in hospital. A hospital plan unlike a plan like the Discovery executive plan does not cover you for visits to your GP. Neither will it cover the medication that he may prescribe.

Discovery health plans

The Discovery executive plan is just one of the hundreds of medical aid plans available from the private health care providers.In addition to the Discovery executive plan, Discovery offers the following range of plans. These plans are listed below:


  • Comprehensive Series
  • Priority Series
  • Saver Series
  • Core Series
  • The KeyCare Series



You can find more detailed information on all of the Discovery medical plans on their website.

Discovery would also like your help to keep their costs down. To do this they use the Discovery Vitality reward scheme. This is an incentive scheme by which they rewarded you for keeping yourself fit and healthy.

What the Discovery executive plan offers

The Discovery executive plan is the top of the range in and out of hospital cover of the entire Discovery medical aid plans. The Discovery executive plan gives unlimited cover for emergency hospitalisation and planned hospital admissions.Below are listed some of the many benefits that the Discovery executive plan has to offer.

  • Payment of your hospital bills.
  • Account payment of the admitting GP or specialist.
  • Account payment for anaesthetists and approved healthcare professionals.
  • Complete cover for chronic medicine
  • Specialists services when overseas or when in SA
  • Emergency medical cover whilst travelling


All info was correct at time of publishing